Converged IAM Solution is the Answer

22 Sep, 2022

If you deal with authentication and access management operations, you’ve probably heard of – Converged IAM solution – something that is seen as a contemporary business requirement. With recent circumstances changing the way the world works, businesses are now looking for a more holistic picture of maintaining their access management and governance landscape. Such integrated solutions unify business access system processes, policies, and procedures to provide thorough governance and streamlined compliance. They require a platform that offers integrated identity and access governance that transcends operational, logical, and physical access settings.

What’s the Need?

In a general setup, organizations are required to buy an Access Management solution from one vendor, an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) from another, and Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution from another vendor. Since most of the top players in the IAM business are strong in one aspect of IAM, what if the organizations need Risk and Compliance or analytics? Undesirably, they would go for a different set of solutions to meet their specific business needs.

This fragmented approach further complicates an already comprehensive network of identity management. For e.g., it becomes complex to manage hybrid infrastructure with dynamic identities. It also adds to administration difficulties, raises the risk of human errors, and results in increased costs.

Converged solution – The way to have it all!

An integrated IAM approach makes it possible for the people in the access management industry to leverage different scopes of identity and access management under one roof – combining Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management, Analytics, and much more.

This makes a converged IAM solution more user-friendly, a medium to increase productivity without compromising security, and improved ROI. In due course, it offers integrated risk and identity analytics, including a unified user access view, in addition to proactive risk analysis and active policy enforcement as well as scalability, and thus becomes a future-proof solution.

These favorable characteristics make converged solutions widely accessible for businesses of all sizes. As per a Forrester study, the organizations with the most mature IAM stance prefer integrated solutions over multiple-point solutions. Moreover, with a converged solution, businesses can save 40% on technology costs by reducing the financial overruns associated with obtaining different solutions.

Enjoy the advantages of a converged IAM solution

Included in a converged IAM suite, PAM, IGA, and access management tasks are managed from a single dashboard. These are frequently significantly less expensive both at the time of first purchase and over the duration of ownership when compared to buying the entire IGA product suite and Access Management individually. They are also easier to adopt, maintain, and eliminate the difficulties associated with using two or more products.

A converged Identity and Access Management solution empowers businesses to stay secure and productive without using up all the company resources in managing the systems.

Converged IAM helps organizations in the following ways:

  1. Modernize IT infrastructure with a future-proof access management platform
  2. Minimize risk and implement consistent governance
  3. Enable external users like contractors, partners, and suppliers to access a company’s network without risk

Having seen the benefits and likelihood of adoption of a converged offering amongst businesses, it is evident that the future of IAM lies in an integrated methodology.

Let’s AccessFlow to ensure a holistic IAM approach!

The perfect solution to the problem of a shortage of competent resources is one that is simple to handle and can be used by just anyone.

Built on the ServiceNow platform, AccessFlow offers a converged IAM solution that not only caters to identity governance but also automates access management with special provisions for PAM. Its capabilities include:

  • Identity Life Cycle Management
  • Entitlement Management
  • Access Requests
  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Access Certification
  • Role and Group Management
  • Password Management
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Fulfillment via service tickets
  • Seamless Integrations and Connectors

To kickstart your access management journey with a converged solution, request an AccessFlow demo today at

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