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Learn about various solutions from the industry’s experts virtually through Alcor’s Webinars. Individuals can attend sessions on topics ranging from CSDM, Service Delivery, Digital Transformation Roadmaps and AI driven automation to Cloud Migration, Cloud Visibility, Access Management and more. In addition to discussion on technologies you will also learn about different solutions that your business might need. Get to know more about the various services and solutions for your organization with these Webinars conducted at Alcor.

Attend sessions conducted by industry’s experts on topics ranging from CSDM and Service Delivery to Cloud Migration and Access Management with Alcor’s Webinars.

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Capture, Centralize & Act with ServiceNow Innovation Management & Demand Management
Capture, Centralize & Act with ServiceNow Innovation Management...
September 22, 2021
Manage US Healthcare Analytics using Tableau
Manage US Healthcare Analytics using Tableau
June 10, 2021
AccessFlow – Gain visibility to end-to-end ERP Access Provisioning and Compliance
AccessFlow – Gain visibility to end-to-end ERP Access...
April 19, 2021
Get Started with SAM Pro SaaS Integrations
Get Started with SAM Pro SaaS Integrations
February 10, 2021
Alcor CSDM Webinar Series – Session 2, CSDM – 5 Hows
Alcor CSDM Webinar Series – Session 2, CSDM...
January 28, 2021
Alcor CSDM Webinar Series – Session 1, CSDM – 5 Whys
Alcor CSDM Webinar Series – Session 1, CSDM...
January 14, 2021

alcor's case studies

Case Studies

With advancement in IT solutions and services, organizations expect different kind of impact. At Alcor, we believe that organizations using those services must have a complete knowledge to implement them in the right way. Keeping this in mind, we have carried out several case studies to assist people gather detailed information on several topics.

The case studies cover a varied range of products and services that are provided to our clients. In each of these case studies we have documented the challenges, approaches and solutions that we have provided to our clients.


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Alcor's White Papers

White Papers


Building Simplified,
Integrated Services for your

Get a detailed understanding and an in-depth report on Automation & AI, SIAM, Field Service Management, Asset Management, IT Business Management and several other topics through the white papers that are published by Alcor. The information that we put on the white papers are all based on the services that been provided to the clients. Individuals can use this information and educate themselves to solve different problems of businesses.

Get a detailed an in-depth understanding of the unexplored approaches, tendering solutions with advanced workflows by industry experts from Alcor.

Alcor's News & Events

News & Events

Employee Center : Enhancing the Employee Service Experience
Employee Center : Enhancing
Escape Hidden Implementation Costs with AccessFlow IGA
Escape Hidden Implementation Costs
Accelerate Time to Value with AccessFlow IGA
Accelerate Time to Value
The Era of Generative AIOps: Revolutionizing IT Operations
The Era of Generative
Workforce Optimization – Evolution at a Glance
Workforce Optimization – Evolution
Manage and Optimize Enterprise Applications with ServiceNow APM
Manage and Optimize Enterprise
Balancing data accessibility and security with Data Filtration in ServiceNow
Balancing data accessibility and
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Trends In 2023
Identity and Access Management
The rise of Virtual Agent: Where technology meets human
The rise of Virtual
Press Release: Alcor announces the new release of their automated real-time end-to-end Applicant Tracking System, TalentRun
Press Release: Alcor announces

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Linkedin Updates

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