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RPA and AI haveoptimized several business processes across numerous industriesby enhancing employees and customer’s experience.With the implementation of these intelligent automation technologies, enterprises have set on a path of end-to-end automation operation. AI technology powered with RPA have actively solved customer experience issues, by intelligently capturing the intent of customers and working with back-end systems.

Why Alcor

Enhance Digital Transformation With Alcor’s RPA
solution and AI application


Minimizing cost, data error and operational risk in combination with top-notch customer experience can take digital transformation of a business to a new level altogether. Alcor’s RPA solution and AI application is based on this very principal, and we are seeing more and more clientsopting for AI driven RPA.Alcor has a team of experienced professionals with an expertise in RPA and AI. Our experts here have worked with several clients and have assisted them with transforming their businesses.At Alcor, we understand that automation of software and Artificial Intelligence is here is to stay. Therefore, we are constantly working towards identifyingits fullpotential so that we can create a competitive edge for our clients.


Automation of Business Processes with RPA and AI


Automation of cumbersome transactional activities to a digital, robot assisted workforce has made business processes cost-effective and efficient. Artificial Intelligence coupled with RPA has enabled robots to mimic human behavior, judgement, and rationale.Businesses using RPA are configuring computer software to manipulate data, communicate with different digital systems, trigger responses and process transaction by capturing and interpreting application faster. RPA robots infused with Artificial Intelligence technologytransform into cognitive robots that can perform data-driven decision for organizations.

Key Features

Enabling End-to-End Automation
Across Organizations

  • Cost Savings 1

    Organizations can bring down their processing cost by up to 80% with RPA.

  • Enhanced Accuracy 2

    RPA software is designed to eliminate errors which otherwise can occur when handled by humans. The accuracy plays a vital role in several aspects of a business process.

  • Efficient Delivery 3

    RPA technology helps organizations in making timely and efficient deliveries which not only leaves a positive impact on the business but also provides quality assurance, eliminates human errorand increases customer satisfaction by several notches.

  • Better Security 4

    One of the biggest benefits with the application of Alcor’s RPA technology is the fact that there is no risk of data leakage. The software processes data, in a controlled manner.

  • Transparency 5

    Organizations can acquire complete transparency for different processes through customized dashboard and reporting support.

  • Fraud Detection 6

    From financial statements to fraudulent transactions, Alcor’s AI implementation helps to minimize fraud by detecting anomalies.


Automation of Business Processes with RPA and AI



Automation Solutions for Digital Transformation of Organizations

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    Enhancement of Customer Service

    Alcor’s RPA solution can handle 80% of customer service interaction. With faster response customer experience improves customer service cost by 30%.

  • Increase in Productivity

    The automation solutions of RPA assure an exponential amount of increase in the productivity of the business. It enables enterprises to focus on specific tasks in a considerably less time.It will assist workers to become more productive.

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    Better Scalability Opportunities

    RPA provides the flexibility to businesses to adapt any strategy based on the objective to be fulfilled or the demand at the time. The technology allows enterprises to adjust their workforce.

  • Predictive Analytics

    The AI system helps organizations with analyzing available data and provides predictive analytics conforming to patterns. This allows organizations to make better micro and macro decisions across the organization.



Customers Speak

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all".

Head of Operations,
IT Infrastructure, Japan

"I have associated with Alcor for some time now, and I am glad to let you know that it has been one of the best decisions for our organization. You have done a great work with the website".

IT Director,
Healthcare, USA


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