Automated Applicant Tracking System Revolutionizing Recruitment Landscape

10 Feb, 2022

Automated Applicant Tracking System – The pressing need of the recruitment industry

Today, the traditional manual hiring process is fast proving to be challenging and inefficient in the face of technology. Right from finding the right talent for the job to their final onboarding, the complete hiring cycle can turn out to be a time-intensive workload. Manual hirings with inefficient collaboration and communication gaps between recruiting team and candidates result in a slow recruitment process.

Why Look for an automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Everyday change in technology has made a big impact in revolutionizing the HR space, especially talent management. The introduction of automation to recruitment has empowered talent management teams to automate their workflows with minimal manual intervention. Applicant Tracking Systems today have the capability of transforming and automating the manual processes in a recruitment cycle thus saving a significant amount of time for recruiting` professionals. With the use of features such as automated communications and a centralized lifecycle, users can now eliminate decentralized, manual email threads, and paper processes.

One of the biggest benefits that have been witnessed with the automation of recruitment is increased efficiency. A complete recruitment process is no doubt a time-intensive workload that often burdens HR professionals, which directly impacts their productivity. However, with the effective utilization of an automated platform, multiple tasks can be streamlined such as finding the right candidate, engaging with them from start to finish, scheduling interviews, checking documents, and more. ATS helps organizations attract qualified talents, enhance applicants’ engagement, assure efficiency with cost-saving, and optimize the onboarding process.

Benefits of Automated Applicant Tracking System

Every organization functions uniquely and thrive with their talent management solutions. However, the recruitment and onboarding process of employees is not easy and comes with several challenges, especially when adhering to the manual hiring process. The introduction of automation in the recruitment environment significantly and drastically impacts the efficiency of the organization.

Some of the benefits of implementing an automated Applicant Tracking System in an organization are:

  • Enhanced Recruitment Experience: While recruiters set out to filter their candidates, it can take a significant amount of time before everything is finalized. Automated platforms can help in screening these candidates effectively and efficiently. This directly translates to a top-notch talent pool which results in a qualified and better hire experience.
  • Extends Recruiters Access to Top Talents: Applicant Tracking System helps recruiters match job posting platforms with job requisitions with the candidates who are qualified and skilled for the job. It also maximizes visibility to the internal job boards and eliminates barriers for prospective applicants.
  • Improved Collaboration and Visibility: Inefficiency and poor collaboration have organizations struggling due to ineffective tools and inconsistent processes. ATS provides the recruitment team with the position of the applicants in the hiring cycle the touchpoints that have occurred and the remaining steps. This allows recruiters to send alerts thus ensuring no critical responsibility has been overlooked.
  • Automation of Manual Task: From sorting out resumes, reaching out to the applicants, scheduling interviews, evaluating them, and final onboarding, all the tasks can now be automated. This will ensure higher productivity, vulnerability to less human error, cover communication gaps, and expedite the whole process.

Uniquely cater your recruitment landscape with TalentRun

TalentRun is a 360° automated end to end Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows recruiters and candidates to go through the hiring lifecycle seamlessly. The system has been designed to cater to challenges faced by organizations still following the manual hiring process. So, make the move and venture to an automated and hassle-free hiring solution.

Next, we will discuss how TalentRun has proved to be the most suitable hiring partner, organizations are taking about

To know more about TalentRun and its features, please visit our product page.


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