Continuous Monitoring for Risk, Compliance and Security Validation


Digital Transformation initiatives promise considerable gains in productivity and business advantage. With these changes come new opportunities for managing enterprise Security, Risk, & Privacy. The dramatic increase in the size of remote workforces and the expanding attack surface and perimeters has created unprecedented changes to the way we manage security and privacy risks. This is compounded by the already difficult challenges of managing the rapid pace of technological change, the growing skills and resource gaps we are all facing.


Risk Management With Alcor’s GRC Solutions


Continuous monitoring and validation improve an organization's ability to prioritize and respond to these risks and issues and focus on the things that matter. Alcor Solutions works with some of the top security, risk, and privacy experts and manufacturers to provide advisory, implementation, and managed security services with a focus on the following key outcomes:


Solutions to Avail with Alcor’s GRC Solution

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    Gain alignment on new standards and regulations
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    Take a comprehensive approach to 3rd and 4th Party Risk
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    Integrate security with DevOps and cloud architectures/locations
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    Create a common view of assets & data across the organization – and real-time status/ownership
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    Converge security orchestration & automation, security incident response, and threat intelligence platform capabilities into single solution or capability


Alcor's Security Risk Privacy Practice


ServiceNow Security, Governance, Risk, Compliance, & Vendor Risk



GRC & SecOps Consulting Service – Offerings

Policy & Compliance

Alcor understands the unique regulatory and compliance requirements that customers are mandated to work within. We have worked with many organizations across multiple industries to ensure they have real time visibility into their internal and external compliance posture using the ServiceNow Policy and Compliance Management application. We do this by helping you leverage existing third-party compliance frameworks, leverage existing policies, automate evidence collection, and automate continuous monitoring of controls.

Risk Management

Alcor has worked with customers across many industries to build and accelerate adoption of ServiceNow to meet its Risk Management objectives. Our goal is to help the customer build their risk register, conduct qualitative and quantitative risk assessments, manage their risk response plans, as well as continuous monitoring of their risk exposure across the enterprise.

Audit Management

Alcor's experience in working with clients on many GRC projects strengthens our ability to help optimize the productivity of your internal audit team with the use of the ServiceNow Audit application. We do this by helping you identify any prerequisite activities needed to start an audit engagement and guiding your use of the audit application to take advantage of integrations with other ServiceNow GRC applications. This allows you to manage an entire audit management engagement with visibility into risks and controls of the areas being audited.

Vendor Risk Management

Customer vendor risk processes and tools cannot keep up with the pace at which their organization builds relationships with vendors. Lack of the visibility into vendor risk opens the door to costly data breaches, fraud, and other consequences. Alcor has experience in implementing the Vendor Risk Management application to provide a centralized process for managing your organization's vendor portfolio, integrating with vendor security score providers, automating the submission of risk assessments to vendors, and helping you manage remediation of issues. Our goal is to ensure you can continuously detect changes in vendor risk exposure in real time and positioning you to collaborate with vendors effortlessly.

Business Continuity Management

Business interruptions are ranked as the most important global risk for the sixth year in a row according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019. Additionally, Gartner states that each minute of downtime costs an enterprise an estimated $5,600 USD. Alcor's goal is to help you better plan for disaster and crisis and mitigate the business continuity costs with the implementation and adoption of the ServiceNow Business Continuity Management application. The outcome of our engagement with you will allow you to conduct business impact analysis, business continuity plans, exercises and respond to crisis using ServiceNow digital automated workflows.

Security Incident Response

Alcor implements the Security Incident Response Management for customers to help you track the progress of security incidents from discovery and initial analysis, through containment, eradication, and recovery, and into the final post incident review, knowledge base article creation, and closure. We do this by working with you to understand your current Security Incident Response Management tools, processes, and security organization structure. With this information, we can integrate with your existing security management tools and help utilize ServiceNow security workflows that are aligned with best practices.

Vulnerability Response

We can help integrate your vulnerability scanning tools with ServiceNow so that you can use reporting dashboards to get real time visibility of vulnerabilities in your environment. In addition, we can suggest and implement vulnerability response features to use automation to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.


Benefits Of Continuous Monitoring For Risk,
Compliance And Security Validation


Customers Speak

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all".

Head of Operations,
IT Infrastructure, Japan

"I have associated with Alcor for some time now, and I am glad to let you know that it has been one of the best decisions for our organization. You have done a great work with the website".

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