AccessFlow – Identity Access Management (IAM) Platform built on ServiceNow®
Bring Your Access Management to Life!


Identity access management (IAM) is a major pain point for a lot of modern organizations of all sizes. Internal tracking of accesses and permissions can become very challenging, considering the high turnover rates, promotions and constant stream of new resources being onboarded and offboarded on daily basis.

Many organizations are not satisfied with their current IAM tools. These organizations are looking for a product that would seamlessly maintain the compliance process, handle the complexity of multiple access providers, have third-party access providers integrations, great reporting tools and outstanding UI to provide a great user experience.

Are you looking for an IAM solution that could simplify your identity access management approach?

AccessFlow is the Solution!

AccessFlow is one stop shop for all access needs for many customers. It’s fully automated, has plug and play configurations and allows to track your access seamlessly with privileged access management, role-based approval system, agent workspace experience,  and several automated infrastructure and cloud management functions that do not require any physical presence in offices or data centers.

AccessFlow provides a possibility to unify the access administration approach across entities, be it applications, network folders, or more granular process driven roles, to streamline operations, remove a lot of workload pressure from IT or IAM and place it in the hands of the line-of-business. It helps organizations to become audit-ready, while providing a single unified interface to request, track and execute operations.

AccessFlow is an easy, intuitive IAM platform that provides access management on the go. Just download the mobile application and enjoy the seamless experience.

Normal Request Processing versus Request Processing through AccessFlow (IAM Platform)

AccessFlow Platform Suite

AccessFlow is created to match the identity access management (IAM) needs of a wide variety of businesses. For the pricing information please reach out to us at

AccessFlow Features:

  1. Ability to plugin onboarding, offboarding and promotions workflows.
  2. Abstraction facility for role-based approvals
  3. Group Management linked to a permission
  4. Reviewer based approach instead of approval license dependency
  5. Privileged account management
  6. Restricted Access Management Dashboards by Role for Privacy/Risk
  7. Tightly coupled with CMDB
  8. Mobile App Experience
  9. Chat Bot for handling your access needs

AccessFlow is available for download on ServiceNow® App Store. If your organization is already using ServiceNow®, you can install this product in the matters of minutes and enjoy the full benefits of tracking your access roles seamlessly.

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