• pdfArchitecting For The Cloud | AWS Best Practices

    Amalgamating resources, technical expertise and industry knowledge of Alcor and AWS, and delivering it to your organization through a single point of contact, Alcor delivers flexibility, scalability and reliability to your cloud adoption. Download Now

  • pdfActivate your 360° GRC Solution with ServiceNow®

    Alcor's GRC services assist clients in developing, implementing and managing a GRC framework. We help clients implement the ServiceNow® GRC module, as well as enhance it using extensions developed by experienced consultants. Download Now

  • pdfServiceNow® Vulnerability Response And Management

    Rigor, mathematics, process and integration are at the heart of security engineering and analysis. This short article will focus on the general depictions of what Vulnerability Response and Management are and initiate ServiceNow® discussion in terms of their solution. Download Now

  • pdfThe Modern Customer Service is Proactive and Connected – Are You Prepared?

    Superior customer service is one of the most critical competitive advantages for any company. Companies can only succeed when they build a strong culture of customer service. While the core principles of customer service have not changed, the expectations of customers have certainly developed with the proliferation of technology and social media. Download Now

  • pdfServiceNow® Taps Artificial Intelligence with Kingston

    AI is here to stay. It has already started transforming enterprises and industries. Technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon have not leveraged Al to create delightful customer experiences but have also invested heavily in its R & D. Download Now

  • pdfCloud Management | An Important Practice for Cloud Development, Operations and Security

    To ensure that the enterprise cloud delivers its promise of cost effectiveness, automation, and standardization, enterprises need to ensure that the cloud is optimally managed. Cloud owners should be able to optimize the usage, control costs, and manage security and compliance – without specifically getting locked to a particular vendor. A Cloud Management Software helps enterprises achieve all this – very easily. Download Now

  • pdfElectronic Health Records – Modern IT for Better Patient Outcomes

    Healthcare technology and innovation are dramatically changing the way hospitals operate today and the way care is delivered to the patients. At the very first level, most of the hospitals have started to adopt Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to enhance their productivity, reduce medical errors, and improve the patient care. Download Now

  • pdfServiceNow® Jakarta – A Giant Leap Forward

    ServiceNow® has, over the last 12 years, established itself as a leader in the space of IT Services Management. The Jakarta release in June 2017 enables the company to expand into other areas of Enterprise operations in line with its wider business process automation vision. The Jakarta release integrates key elements from some of ServiceNow®'s recent acquisitions ITApp, Bright Point Security, and DxContinuum. Download Now

  • pdfServiceNow® ITIL Monitoring | Enabling Problem Finding and Fixing

    IT outages mainly happen because of hardware or software failures or human errors. Using the right network monitoring and event management tools, companies can effectively prevent the human errors and quickly act on to repair the damage. This guide by Alcor will help you understand the topic of ITIL event management in depth. Download Now

  • pdfIntelligent Customer Service with ServiceNow® CSM

    In this paper, we will have a look at the difference between CRM and Customer Service, how the rules of customer service are changing in today's digital world, why businesses need to start thinking beyond a traditional CRM and offer the new age customer service and why businesses struggle in providing an excellent customer service. Download Now

  • pdfExploration of the ServiceNow®Istanbul Release

    In this paper, we will have a look at some major features of the  ServiceNow® Istanbul release and also have a look at why and how to upgrade to Istanbul release Download Now

  • pdfMaking Security Operations More Responsive, Efficient, and Business Aligned – With Performance Analytics

    This Whitepaper will examine some of the organizational challenges in the face of rising security threats. It will then attempt to make the case for Performance Analytics as an effective way to address these challenges in a timely fashion without any adverse impact to strategic business objectives and priorities. Download Now

  • pdfAccelerate Enterprise Security Response With ServiceNow®

    The rise in cyber attacks worldwide have caused a severe cause of concern for private organizations as well as the government. The cyber security landscape is changing very rapidly, and companies worldwide need to cope up with these changing dynamics if they want to protect their data and systems from such security threats. Download Now

  • pdfUltimate Guide for Migration from ServiceNow Express to Enterprise

    In this whitepaper, let us have a look at the difference between ServiceNow Express and Enterprise, key considerations for migration, and the recommended process for migration to Enterprise. Download Now

  • pdfA Start to Finish Exploration of the ServiceNow Helsinki Platform

    ServiceNow Helsinki, seeks to create a platform that anyone with a business-focused app can hook into and create a comprehensive and dynamic eco-system. Download Now

  • pdfPerformance Analytics -The Single Window Of Truth For Operational Performance

    This Whitepaper will make the case for Performance Analytics as an effective way to understand and then align IT resources and systems to strategic business objectives and priorities. Download the whitepaper Download Now

  • pdfDriving Consistent Service Improvement Through An Asset Management Health Check

    This paper takes the readers through the need for systematic IT asset management, the importance of health check of IT asset management, and the benefits of periodic health checks of their IT asset management solutions. It also presents a framework, specifically for ServiceNow Health Check. Download Now

  • pdfGet the most of your IT spends with Financial Management

    Alcor's Cost Management solution with ServiceNow help businesses better understand IT costs, manage and optimize IT budgets and deliver financial transparency. Alcor's Cost Management solution quantifies the financial costs of IT services and assets. This customized business solution has helped their clients gain insights into all areas of their IT spending. Download Now

  • pdfSourcing Governance at Your Fingertips: CONTRACT AND VENDOR MANAGEMENT

    Read this guide to get answers to your common ques tions about contract and vendor management. Questions like - What is the foundation of good contract management? Is there some governance framework which can be referred to? What are some of the best practices for effective vendor management? Does contract automation offer any benefits? Download Now

  • pdfStreamlining Service Delivery across the Enterprise with Service Integration

    Service Integration and Management has emerged as an effective way to manage multiple internal and external IT and business suppliers to ensure continued service delivery at the expected standard. This paper will introduce the concept of SIAM and also present an overview of ServiceNow’s SIAM solution. Download Now

  • pdfCandidate Tracking and New Hire Onboarding – Here is How Automation Makes It Easy

    Download the whitepaper to understand how automation makes Candidate Tracking and New Hire Onboarding  an easy and seamless process. Download Now

  • pdfAdapt at the Speed of Business with ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management

    Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is defined as a formal approach used by organizations to plan and prioritize multiple projects. In this approach, each project is reviewed for risk-reward, the available funds, project duration, and the desired outcomes. Increasingly, businesses are looking for ways to optimize their functions and manage costs and these factors are accelerating the growth of the global project portfolio management market. Download Now

  • pdfYour definitive guide to a SERVICENOW implementation roadmap

    ServiceNow is a great technology plaorm capable of delivering huge value to organizaons. However, it cannot deliver the desired results if it is used with incorrect processes. Download Now

  • pdfHow to stop outages, enhance visibility, and be a digital enterprise with IT Operations Management

    Enterprises are becoming digital and making digital strategies central to the achievement of their business goals. Becoming a digital enterprise is not easy, though. The challenges of adopting technologies like the Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data and Social Media impact the IT infrastructure of the Enterprise to make it more complex and introduce potential additional points of failure. Download Now

  • pdfBringing Order to Enterprise Infrastructure Chaos with IT Operations Management

    Enterprises today are faced with a technology landscape that is changing rapidly. They are driven by the need to stay competitive and responsive to the demands of their customers. Shifts in technology and constant evoluion in the needs of the customers mean that their internal IT infrastructure is subject to frequent change. Enterprises are turning to IT Operations Management to bring order to this complex situation. Download Now

  • pdfImproved Enterprise Agility With ServiceNow Orchestration

    The advent of technology and rising expectations of customers have meant that the business environment for Enterprises has become very dynamic and complex. Enterprises are under pressure to react quickly to new and previously unplanned for events. Download Now

  • pdfEnsuring HIPAA Compliance using GRC Tools and Frameworks

    Over the last five years, the overall Healthcare IT landscape has seen a phenomenal transformation. According to The Office of the 1 National Coordinator for Health Information Technology , by the end of 2014, around 83% of office-based physicians had adopted any EHR. Download Now

  • pdfIT Asset Management for Better Visibility, Control and Compliance

    This Whitepaper will briefly introduce the subject of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and focus on how ITAM can help organizations achieve more transparent visibility of all the IT Assets under their control, better control of these assets across their entire lifecycle and ensure easier and more complete compliance management. Download Now

  • pdfServiceNow Mulesoft Integration- Challenges Addressed and Benefits delivered

    Application integration and API management product company MuleSoft announced an investment round in February 2015 with participation by service management product company ServiceNow. This followed certification of MuleSoft's AnyPoint ServiceNow connector for integrations with ServiceNow in December 2014. Download Now

  • pdfHR Onboarding Challenges and How Automation Provides a Solution

    Onboarding is an important process which helps the new hires get adjusted to their jobs, learn news kills, knowledge, and attitudes, which are required to perform well within the organization. Download Now

  • pdfNeed And Assessment of IT Service management Maturity Models

    IT Service Management is defined as a combination of people, processes and tools that are deployed to support the production environment or for delivering other IT services to internal & external customers. Download Now

  • pdfA Practical Guide on Implementing an Automated IT Asset Management Solution

    With the convergence of social, mobile, and Cloud, today's world is driven by technology. Customers are digitally empowered and therefore, every business, IT as well as non-IT, is a digital business. This also means that businesses need to heavily leverage technology, mobile, and other tech gadgets to smoothly run their operations. The greater the number and variety of devices, the harder it becomes to maintain, manage, and monitor these end points and that's where Automated IT Asset Management Solutions come into picture. Download Now

  • pdfThe CIO’s Changing Role While Managing GRC

    Governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance (GRC) is a system of people, processes, and technology that enables an organization to accelerate risk-intelligent decisions, improve organizational agility, and reduce system costs. The key enabler, leader and visionary to synchronously manage this system of people, processes and technology is the Chief Information Officer of the enterprise. He plays a valuable role to steer the enterprise towards revenue generation in sync with defined business goals Download Now

  • pdfWhy Does Your Organization Need IT Asset Management?

    With IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions in place, businesses can better manage their IT and non- IT assets, their computer hardware and software, correlate assets to contracts and financial records, detect and prevent IT and regulatory risks to their various technology components and give businesses the ability to understand how their end users access and execute various features and functions of their business systems. Download Now

  • pdfWhy are Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions the Need of The Hour?

    Know how a comprehensive GRC program with proper governance structure enterprise-wide help an organization manage increasing complexity and compliance risks. Download Now

  • pdfA Case For Insourcing ITSM Governance & Tools While Managing Multiple Vendors

    Insourcing is a business decision that is often made to maintain control of critical competencies or systems and is described as the commencement of performing a business function internally which was earlier fully contracted to another company. It may also include bringing a third party outsourcer to work inside a company’s facility. Download Now

  • pdfRisk in ITSM Implementations and How to Mitigate Them

    IT service management enables IT leaders to align their strategies and deliver services that support their business goals. However, the service management roadmap can be bumpy, and without proper planning to avoid risks, the improvement program can be at risk. Download Now

  • pdfPerformance Analytics: Empowering Enterprise IT

    IT performance reporting and analytics is a strategic gap that must be filled for IT to prove its value to the enterprise. Standard IT performance reports lack a time based perspective. Manual reporting based on spread sheets is labor-intensive and legacy business intelligence tools for reporting and analytics are complex and expensive. Download Now

  • pdfWhy Service Management Must Not Be Limited To IT

    Service management is incorporated into supply chain management as the connection between the real sales and the customer. This means that the focus of the methodology to be adopted to provide faultless services is based on the results produced for the customers. The traditional IT system centric management revolved around the “IT department” which focused on automation of individual processes therefore creating a fragmented framework with minimal integration of processes. Download Now

  • pdfSharePoint Collaboration – An Essential Requirement for Enterprises

    A White Paper illustrating the importance of SharePoint in an Enterprise – business advantages, challenges and the role of experts in implementing the Microsoft SharePoint Technology. The paper also provides a preview into SharePoint 2013. Download Now