With a larger portion of business community recognizing that complex and disconnected legacy IT systems aren’t agile enough to support organization’s growth even after huge upfront investments – almost 80% of the organizations are expected to migrate away from on-premise data-centres by 2025 as per a recent study by Gartner. (reference dated August 5, 2019)

In today’s time of data explosion and increased need for resilient and secure business operations, cloud technology is a promising solution to help businesses reap multiple benefits – including cost savings, scalability, security, sustainability, mobility, disaster recovery, and increased collaboration.

Thus, the challenge today is not of  adopting Cloud Computing but to find a capable partner who can help organizations with competent and faster service implementation ensuring cost optimization – Leverage the benefits of Oracle cloud and gain a competitive advantage with Alcor’s innovative and agile cloud services.

Alcor – Your Preferred Business Partner For Oracle Cloud Application Services

Bringing exclusive Oracle expertise and proven approach to handle industry focussed cloud applications, Alcor offers comprehensive suite of Oracle-centric cloud services customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Curated by implementing cutting-edge strategies, our centre of excellence model comprises of Service Offerings, Industry Specialization, and Business Accelerator tools to assist customers in cloud application implementation, PaaS enabled integration, and a seamless cloud migration.

Oracle Offerings

To simplify the complexities associated with Cloud Transformation and help you realize the full potential of cloud, Alcor’s Oracle offerings are intelligently designed to offer optimum results right from the beginning till every single step by leveraging our vast industry, Oracle application expertise.

Alcor’s dedicated COE with a treasure trove of industrial process knowledge and Oracle applications knowledge is applied to build Accelerators or Fast Track Kits to reduce time and efforts leading to overall cost reduction. Alcor also provides a huge repository of industry specific dashboards and reports that help businesses maximize benefits of Oracle Application Products.

      I. Solutions

a)  Oracle CloudApplications (SaaS) – Spanning cloud solutions across Financial Management (FM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Manufacturing, Alcor offers innovative and integrated cloud solutions that help organizations overcome challenges related to data silos and outdated business processes. Our approach to implement optimal cloud solutions involve – early preparation and awareness by ensuring project readiness, designing validated project, and offering successful transition backed by training and solution demonstration.

b)  Business Intelligence and Analytics– Empowering organizations gauge their business performance and drive decision-making process, we offer advisory services and dynamic BI and analytics solutions – that utilize extensive statistical analysis and feasibility study to recommend best suited products and offer explanatory and actionable data insights – not limited to basic charts or wizards. Alcor consultants and architects design analytical reporting solutions for clients by leveraging products like Tableau, Incorta, and Oracle’s PBCS, FCCS, and EPRCS.

c)  Oracle E-Business Suite– Solutions offered under Oracle E-business Suite range from business planning, solution architecture, implementation and integration services, to managed services and other mission critical emergency response. These solutions help organizations achieve tangible business outcomes by management of PBCS, Human Capital (HCM), Finances (FM), Customer Relationship (CRM), and Supply Chain (SCM), and Manufacturing.

d)  NetSuite– Implementation of this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System allows organizations gain real-time business visibility and automate processes, reducing the costs by up to 95%.  Utilizing scalable cloud solutions to perform complex business processes and analyse real-time business data with the help of interactive reports, KPIs,  and dashboards. Possessing expertise in offering transformative NetSuite solution, Alcor follows a complete life cycle to build, personalize, engage, utilize, and optimize seamless implementations across industries.

e)  Oracle PaaS Development– Offering ready-to-use infrastructure and middleware components to customize and extend applications with seamless data exchange to Oracle cloud applications, Alcor enables customers to seamlessly build and manage their own applications for mobile and/or web. These services allow enabling modern technologies, like AI, IoT, Chatbots, and more to provide solutions for everyone – IT administrators, analysts, and end-users.

 II. Services

a)  Implementation: Alcor offers customer focused full cycle implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Solutions spanning business processes ranging from Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Financials, and Enterprise Performance Management. Ensuring quick and efficient implementation to increase business management, Alcor help organizations slash – time-to-market by around 40% and configuration efforts by around 60% thus increasing ROI.

b)  Upgrade: Empowering customers take advantage of the latest Oracle release functionality, Alcor follows customized, phased approach for upgrade analysis and roadmap creation for seamless upgrades with minimal interruption to existing business operations. Increasing the upgrade efficiency and reducing the time to upgrade, Alcor runs automated test scripts. The upgrade services include technical, functional, and database version upgrades, BI and analytics tool upgrades.

c)  Migration: Increasing business agility, Alcor provides rapid, and secure migration framework to migrate customer’s information either from Oracle EBS solution or a third-party cloud to a preferred destination to Oracle cloud or customer’s on-premises location. Combining solution capabilities with prebuilt and proven fast track migration scripts and Alcor expertise to plan, migrate, and validate – we offer smooth transition backed by advisory services to stay relevant going forward.

d)  Support: Offering flexibility to choose the best service as per business needs, Alcor’s Oracle support services are mainly categorized into –  dedicated, shared, and on-demand services.Having supported large mission critical Oracle projects with a proven track record of 100% SLA compliance, Alcor possess in-depth expertise in providing round the clock support for Oracle cloud ecosystem including Financial Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, CRM Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Procurement Cloud, and Analytics Cloud Applications.

e)  Rollout: With extensive expertise in delivering country-specific rollout capabilities to leading customers across various industries, Alcor delivers scalable and proven rollout services to customers who wish to expand their locations, functions, and processes by retaining the original flavour of the initial implementation.

f)  Training: Helping organizations improve efficiency and productivity of employees, we provide structured role-based training services to guide employees through ERP solution navigation and effective Oracle configuration handling. Alcor also conducts an Oracle application usage evaluation for the user community in order to analyse Oracle application navigation retentivity.

g)  Quality Check: Offering implementation audit services, team of experts at Alcor engage in time-efficient, end-to-end quality checks for business processes, security, and control for Oracle Applications.

h)  Mobile App Development: For organizations who don’t want to use standard mobile apps available in public app stores, we offer assistance by building customized and innovative native applications. These apps support numerous great features and can be deployed across platforms.

i)  Managed Services: Optimizing your Oracle investments and increasing business agility, we offer complete range of managed services to monitor, manage, back up, and secure provisioned databases, infrastructure, applications, middleware, and applications.

j)  Master Data Enrichment: Helping organizations harness the powerful features of Oracle solutions and create a future-state business model, we offer services to enrich and enhance data by adding additional information to leverage the best output from Oracle applications.

k)  Business Consulting: Holding expertise in guiding customers across industries, certified Oracle consultants at Alcor’s rich domain industry experience brings the knowledge organizations need to accelerate transformation journey. Alcor consultants would identify and advice on the best possible business processes to reduce redundancy and improve operational efficiency.

Why Alcor?

Helping organizations stay relevant and reap a strong return from Oracle investments, Alcor offers proper process planning, robust implementation by industry experts, and extended support to enhance overall customer experience.

Oracle Gold Partner – Alcor is Oracle’s Certified Gold Partner offering  optimal services across Oracle range of products helping customers improve operational efficiency and discover up to 20% new revenue. Being a certified solution provider, Alcor enables seamless and secure implementation, upgrade, support, and extensions of innovative Oracle solutions.

Centre of ExcellenceAlcor has invested heavily in creating a dedicated Centre of Excellence. It offers considerable ROI by leveraging knowledge centric ecosystem with efficient cloud delivery model.

Seasoned Professionals – 70+ Oracle certified professionals who possess exclusive Oracle expertise with a strong understanding of Oracle’s technical and functional complexities and capabilities.

Rich Industry Experience – 500+ years of experience in delivering Oracle solutions to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations across various industries

Delivery Maturity – Optimized Oracle cloud application offerings backed by strategic roadmap planning and deployment leveraging Oracle application skills expertise with strong domain and vertical expertise.

Flexible Framework Adaptability in Oracle cloud application delivery models to provide customized solutions that fit our customers’ business needs.

Cost Optimization – Best of breed tools and technology stack helps maximize return on Oracle investments and leverage efficient solutions

Time-to-Market – Adopting process and configuration best practices, workflows, and industry knowledge to offer value results in faster time-to-market.

Industry Specialization

Having a global presence with extensive experience across industries – no matter what your field of operation is and how big or small your market size is – we hold expertise in dealing with every industry – and of every size.

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Financial
  • Retail
  • Higher Education
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunication
  • Industry Manufacturing and Distribution
  • ITES
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Sector
  • Aviation
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Business Advisory Services
  • FMCG

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