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Offering Quality as a Service means to act as a “software quality partner” who makes a complete testing team available to client, flexible to adapt the service to the specific needs of their company and who accompanies and guides them throughout the development process, ensuring constant communication and traceability of processes.

For a client, hiring Alcor as their Quality partner means obtaining all the competitive advantages of having a team specialized in testing and software quality within the organization but avoiding investment in self-construction and training of testing team.

About QaaS

Why QaaS?

  • Problem Excessive Expense

    The cost to fix bugs or defects post-development is significantly high. Self-construction and training of testing team has a long cycle and high cost.

    Solution Saves Cost
    Defect fixing is easy and cost-efficient while conducting testing that is concurrent with software development. QaaS provides a very broad set of testing skill/capabilities with the flexibility to test during any phase of SDLC.
  • Problem Delayed Project Launch

    Inadequate testing and defects detected in pre-launch testing takes more time to troubleshoot and fix the pieces of broken software applications and multiple rounds for reverification and regression.

    Solution On Time Delivery

    Defects are detected at early stages as testing happens in parallel to development with proper tracking and monitoring of defects. The Identified defect clusters makes the tester more cautious while testing the defect prone components or features.

  • Problem Dissatisfied Customers

    Software defects reported by customers prevent from having a positive user experience (UX). Poor user experiences are more likely to garner negative public feedback than positive experiences. Negative feedback could block potential leads.

    Solution Satisfied Customer

    Unbiased fresh view of the project reveals defects which can be crucial for market success. Bug free software gains confidence and satisfaction of client/customer who recommend the product and your business to others.

  • Problem Compromised Branding

    Not only is a user less likely to use a product or service after having a negative experience, but they are also more likely to perceive the whole brand in a bad light.

    Solution Reliable Brand

    Good quality services makes sure that the customer finds the brand reliable and gain their confidence.

Testing Lifecycle

Software Testing Lifecycle


Saving You

Saving You From Cumbersome & Expensive Process

QaaS safeguards app quality and saves Time and Cost of project delivery. It avoids the major bugs which tend to be identified at UAT in absence of QaaS implementation. This saves the time and cost which will be required to went through planning the fixes required, identify the impact areas because of new fixes, Implementation of fixes, Retesting of fixes and regression.

Alcor QaaS

QaaS By Alcor

  • Functional Testing 1

    Ensures the functionality of an application or system is behaving as expected.

  • Integration Testing 2

    Integration testing makes sure that the interactions between integrated components or units of the system is completed smoothly without any complication.

  • Regression Testing 3

    Every change to your code means a risk to your customer experience. Reduce those risks with human-powered regression testing that is fast and accurate.

  • Automated Test Framework 4

    To automate the regression suite of ServiceNow workflows testing.

  • Mobile Application Testing 5

    It is the process by which mobile apps are tested for functionality, usability, consistency and compatibility.

  • Agile Testing 6

    Agile testing allows incremental and iterative coding and testing in an Agile development environment. It is an integral part of software development and is done along with coding.

  • Web Services Testing 7

    It is performed to verify that all the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) exposed by your application operate as expected.

  • Acceptance Testing 8

    End-to-end testing of your applications that assure quality for the end user.

  • Compatibility Testing 9

    Compatibility testing is performed for applications with combinations of different browsers and operating systems.

  • Configuration Testing 10

    Application under test is tested using multiple combinations of Software and Hardware configurations.

  • Usability Testing 11

    Usability testing explicitly focuses on the user experience to make sure that application is user friendly.

  • Exploratory Testing 12

    It is the simultaneous process of test design and test execution. Unlike scripted testing, it does not restrict the tester to a predefined set of instructions.


Customers Speak

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all".

Head of Operations,
IT Infrastructure, Japan

"I have associated with Alcor for some time now, and I am glad to let you know that it has been one of the best decisions for our organization. You have done a great work with the website".

IT Director,
Healthcare, USA


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