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Today, as organizations opt for multi-sourcing, they are witnessing the challenge of dealing with several service providers and aligning their IT strategy with their business objectives. Alcor's Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach integrates services and standardizes business processes, ensuring smoother collaboration between different service providers. By streamlining these firms' IT service delivery model through coordination between services, governance structure, process adherence, tools, and people, organizations reduce the operational cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Alcor SIAM Efficiency

Optimize Operational Efficiencies with Compliance Management Tools


Alcor optimizes the IT operations of these enterprises by establishing best practices for service integration, vendor management, transformation management, risk and compliance management, and service management system into a multi-service provider environment by leveraging our extensive experience in automation and integration. We offer various business benefits to multiple enterprises such as Agile and Rapid innovation, enhanced customer experience, robust control and governance, operational efficiency, and cost savings. We address organizations' IT risk and ensure value integration by using our risk and compliance management tools.


Impact of SIAM to Organizational Processes


While outsourcing services has become a common practice for organizations, what has driven them to adopt SIAM is the need to procure the best service providers and seamlessly manage the services received from multiple service delivery towers. Multi-sourcing enables IT organizations to select from available sourcing options rather than restricting insourcing or outsourcing of IT services. Service Integration allows organizations to focus on end-to-end service health to balance cost optimization, service quality improvements, and innovation gains.

Alcor's Structure of SIAM

Structural Representation Of Alcor’s SIAM Functionality


Benefits of SIAM

Benefits That Organizations in Need of SIAM Can Avail

Alcor's SIAM Approach

Alcor’s Solutions For Service Management

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    Tactical SIAM Alcor's Tactical SIAM services are designed to ensure smooth delivery of services across all service areas in collaboration with various delivery partners. The target is to ensure transparency and control in the service delivery. The services are functional for Suppliers, Contract Compliance, Financial Management and for SIAM continual improvement.
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    Operational SIAM Alcor introduces a simplified and standardized service to coordinate and orchestrate an operational level the multi-vendor ecosystem. This approach is implemented for Process Governance, Change in Administration and Test Coordination.
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    Cross Services SIAM The cross services define, implements, and guards the way of working and toolset integration across services and promote the culture of collaboration. The approach is used for Security, DevOps, Cloud/SaaS, Automation, Internet of Things, Products, Programs, Consulting and Transformation.
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    SIAM Service Integration Service integration approach enables orchestration of situations managed with tickets in the multi-vendor environment. It is functional for multi-vendor service delivery, SIAM High Priority Incident coordination and SIAM ticket lifecycle management.
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    SIAM Tool Solutions The service management tool consulting understands customers' challenges and requirements to arrive at a suitable solution. This is functional for Vendor Manager Workspace, Integration of Enterprise tools, Maintenance and support.


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"I have associated with Alcor for some time now, and I am glad to let you know that it has been one of the best decisions for our organization. You have done a great work with the website".

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