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Automated 360° Performance Management System
Enhancing Efficiency & Productivity


Reflective is an automated performance appraisal system which enables paperless, secure & collaborative 360° employee appraisal review system in an organization. With Reflective, you have an employee performance management system that moves beyond spreadsheets, paper files, an insecure ‘information leaking’ environment, to a full stack 360* automated environment built on the robust yet fast, paperless, single view, machine learning capable ServiceNow™ Cloud Platform.

Reflective enhances the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks and allowing them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategizing. By automating the employee appraisal activity, organizations can reduce the cost and time they spend on manual HR planning and processing. As a real time, user friendly, secure and efficient appraisal application, Reflective reduces HR related costs for an organization by 40% Year on Year. The efficiency and productivity of your HR team increases by nearly 35%, as now they have time to focus on the complex tasks like talent forecasting, pipeline succession and more.


Automating Employee Appraisal Activities

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    Performance Feedback

    To provide adequate feedback to each person on their performance.

  • Behaviour analysis

    To serve as a basis for modifying or changing behavior towards more effective working habits.

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    Reporting & Dashboard

    To provide data to managers with which they may judge future job assignments.


Implement Reflective And Enjoy It's Benefits


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"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all".

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IT Infrastructure, Japan

"I have associated with Alcor for some time now, and I am glad to let you know that it has been one of the best decisions for our organization. You have done a great work with the website".

IT Director,
Healthcare, USA


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