Get to a new level of Employee Appreciation with High5

Is your organization looking for an employee recognition solution to streamline internal communication and amplify your corporate culture to the higher level?

Meet High5!

Employee Reward & Recognition Solution which helps organizations streamline their employee appreciation process and connect all employees on one user-friendly platform!

High5 is a fully automated, seamless and collaborative platform that makes the employee appreciation and recognition process easy. This solution is aimed to create appreciative workplace culture, improve morale, unite employees and teams, retain employees’ long term and motivate them to accomplish more! With customized appearances, automated Birthday & Anniversary recognition features, streamlined internal campaigns for engaging employees and multiple pricing options, this platform becomes a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

High5 Features:

High5 Plans:

This Employee Appreciation & Recognition Solution is made to meet the needs of companies and businesses of all sizes, because the best solution for a small business might not be a right choice for a big corporation.

High5 is available in 2 packages:

     1. Basic Plan:For small teams getting started with employee recognition programs

     2. Premium Plan:For companies with advanced need of employee recognitions and reward solutions

High5 is built on the robust yet fast, single view, machine learning capable, ServiceNow® Cloud platform and available for download on the ServiceNow App store.

If your organization leverages ServiceNow across any of their service management solutions you can implement High5 on the go and enjoy it’s full benefits of appreciating and rewarding employees, thus amplifying your company culture many notches higher!