Responsiveness as Our Core Value

23 Jun, 2022

In our last two blogs in this series, we shared our journey to finding our core values. We also discussed integrity – our first core value and the significant role it played. In this blog, we will be discussing our second core value – Responsiveness and understanding how it has contributed to shaping our company and our way of work.

At Alcor, we have always prioritized our customer’s needs and requirements. We have listened to what they have to say about our products and services and have delivered accordingly. While we accomplish our day-to-day tasks, we do not lose sight of the changing needs of our customers.  We believe that responsiveness is a must-have skill and we have been able to demonstrate it to our customers by being actively invested in them and with prompt attentiveness.

Significance of Responsiveness

When we set up on a journey to determine Responsiveness as our second core value, we knew that our vision must be clear. We carefully considered errors that must be avoided – 1) mistake of avoiding communication with customers till we have the perfect solution. The result of which may make them anxious. Hence, we prioritized transparency in our approach. 2) One more common trap that organizations may get into in the name of being responsive is overpromising, to retain an idea of control. Instead, we considered it is best to acknowledge the problem and figure out the solution gradually.

So, here are three points that hold importance to Alcor while doing business and adhering to the core value:

  • Building Trust: Being Responsive is one of the most effective ways to build trust with customers. In our experience, we have found that the more we were responsive, the easier it became to build a rapport and strengthen our professional relationship.
  • Increased Productivity: It is evident that the more responsive we are, the better has been our productivity. Responsiveness aids in better collaboration within our teams and enhances our overall performance, making us the best in what we do.
  • Garnering Respect: With prompt follow-ups and timely responses, we have garnered respect from our customers. We have been able to respect their work and time, which in the long run is a win-win situation for both Alcor and our customers.

This sets us apart!

Being Responsive has been our key to success! We have always focused on delivering timely and positive responses while meeting customer expectations.

To conclude, while other things like proper communication channels, quick-response delivery, defined procedures, internal knowledge exchange, and more have always played a role, we never forget to behave HUMAN. No matter how complex the problems were, we really listened to what our customers had to say, added human touch, and created a difference.


If you would like to learn more about Alcor’s core values, read our first blog “Our Journey to Discover Core Business Values” and our second blog – Integrity as our core value. Next in the series of our core value blogs, we will discuss Quality as our third core value.

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