Integrity as Our Core Value

01 Jun, 2022

Integrity is our first core value and a foundation for others! People tend to have a strong moral code and take responsibility for their actions in their personal life. We as a company wanted to reflect that same integrity in our way of doing business. Irrespective of the project we are working on or the customer we are dealing with, we want to display our moral conduct in every decision of ours. It ultimately boils down to making tough choices guided by integrity.

Integrity at work is very important, and we are going to explain, why it matters so much to us:

  • Builds Strong Reputation: Building a reputation is important for every business and that takes into account integrity – building trust within our people, our customers, business partners, and vendors.
  • Ensures Quality: Happy employees are more productive and going the extra mile will provide high-quality work. Our dedication to improving the customer experience while displaying integrity has significantly helped our organization.
  • Provides Employee Satisfaction: By addressing every issue or challenge, we have ensured that our employees can trust us and enjoy work satisfaction, which has led to higher work engagement.
  • Promotes Good Work Culture: It is no surprise that consumers want to be associated with a company that is ethical. Our core value has helped in building a work culture that has not only changed our way of doing business but has seamlessly integrated the practice into our employees’ personal and professional life.

At Alcor, we have built a work environment wherein, from the senior-most member to the newest member of our organization, they are able to:

  • Find the right work-life balance
  • Encourage honesty and get rewarded
  • Treat every customer equally

Demonstration of Integrity in Our Ways of Doing Business

As we grew over the years and moved ahead with our core values, we have demonstrated them in multiple ways. Following are the five ways how we implement integrity at work:

  • Implement Work Transparency: Transparent work culture is a determining factor for customers as well as employees to trust an organization We have been completely transparent about our processes and workflows. We have made it easy for our customers to contact us and find information about our organization, its products, and services.
  • Prioritize Quality in Business: Integrity is not just about what we do but also about the path we choose to do it. By putting our best foot forward, we have ensured that without exception our customers would receive what they have signed up for.
  • Provide Outstanding Customer Service: From poor communication to slow response, there are several things that can put off customers. With a customer-centric approach, we have ensured that our employees have catered to their requirements right from addressing their issues, to thinking out of the box and providing them the stellar result.
  • Maintain Integrity at all levels: To ensure that integrity is maintained throughout the organization, we have always kept ourselves accessible for open communication, feedback, discussion, and implementation of ethical codes.

How Rewarding Has Our Core Value Been?

Finally, as we practice integrity and its value in our professional lives, this is how it has rewarded us:

  • Provided a Competitive Edge: People are much more inclined to do business with organizations that keep their promises and are morally sound. With the demonstration of integrity as our core value, we have gained the complete trust of our customers, which have in turn retained their loyalty.
  • Making Difficult Decisions was Easy: When it comes to taking a difficult decision, we have always opted to follow our moral compass. This has made it easy for us to move ahead and do, what is best without compromising anything. This has helped in creating a strong public image of our organization.
  • Significantly Helped in Enduring Crisis Situation: When we work with integrity, even a situation of crisis becomes easy to deal with. We have always taken the responsibility for our actions and our customers have been a witness to our honesty, which has further strengthened our reputation.
If you would like to learn more about Alcor’s core values, read our first blog “Our Journey to Discover Core Business Values”. Next in the series of our core value blogs, we will discuss Responsiveness as our second core value.
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