Our Journey to Discover Core Business Values

08 Apr, 2022

Since its inception in the year 2008 to the present date, Alcor has undergone a marvelous journey. While we started out with only a handful of folks, people joined us over the years and today Alcor family stands strong with over 400 employees working together, spread across the globe. On our journey to igniting Digital Transformation, we met with a fair share of challenges, obstacles, and even failures. However, we held on to our beliefs and the vision we had for Alcor, which brought us to where we stand today.

As Alcor completes 14 years in the business of digital services and approaches towards 15-Year Anniversary, we gave it a thought – how did we achieve our milestones? And most importantly – what worked in our favor? As we discussed this within our team, the answers that we received were our CORE VALUES.

Our discussion surprisingly brought us to the conclusion that each one of us had unique ideas regarding our company’s work culture and the magic ingredients that helped us to achieve our business goals. We decided to break down the journey that we embarked on to discover the core values of Alcor. And here is the list:

  • Exploring Ideas: Over the years, the one thing that we swore by is that every idea is important. We brainstormed on different ideas and made sure that we explore their true potential. This significantly helped our organization to stay innovative and thought leader.
  • Transparency within the Team: We have always prioritized a transparent work culture and have implemented it during our process of figuring out our corporate core values. We always intended to have effortless information sharing and enhance overall productivity.
  • Performance Oriented: As we started working towards our goals and vision, we focused on the ideas that are performance-oriented. We ensured that the core values we finalize should ultimately improve our performance and further meet our customers’ business expectations.

So here we are, with a list of four core values that define Alcor and the people who are associated with it.

  1. Integrity: One of the most important values that we have set for our organization is integrity. Our transparency, honesty, and robust ethical principles help in building trust with our stakeholders – our customers, partners, and employees.
  2. Responsiveness: Our second most important core value is our responsiveness towards the organization and its people. With the constant change in the industry, we can identify our organization’s capability and effectively adapt as per customer preferences.
  3. Quality: Keeping up the quality of our solutions and services is of utmost importance to ensure customer satisfaction and retaining loyalty which makes it the third most important core value of our organization.
  4. Collaboration: With collaboration as our fourth core value, we ensure that we involve the skills, ideas, opinions, and experiences of everyone associated with the organization. This helps us in aligning with our goals and improving our products and offerings – while working together.

Bringing these core values has made us think about the work we have done to date, the decisions that we took along the way, and how they impacted us and our ways of catering to our people and customers. While we ask ourselves these substantial questions, we are delighted that we have realized the core values of our company. This discovery has helped us determine who we truly are and how we would further steer our business in an optimum direction keeping our focus and goal intact.

Next in the series of our core value blogs, we will discuss Integrity as our first core value.

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