Oracle Application Support vs. Stabilization: Bridging the Gap with Alcor

29 Aug, 2023

Alcor is presenting this blog with its rich and long experience in providing services for Oracle applications across the globe encompassing all areas of the enterprise operations.  

Enterprises across the globe are leveraging the power of Oracle applications to achieve their business goals and fuel their growth journey. But beyond the integration of Oracle applications into business, there lies a complex challenge for enterprises: balancing the demands of ongoing application support. The post-implementation phase should not be viewed merely as a continuum phase of app support; it is a decisive stage where a balancing act between support and business goals defines the success of the Oracle application lifecycle.

Understanding the Oracle Application Support Challenge

Typically, businesses transition into a post-implementation phase, which is primarily focused on ticket or issue-based resolutions. While this traditional support approach is vital to enhance system integrity and performance, it has significant drawbacks. In the ongoing commitment to resolving individual or ticket-based issues, the broader enterprise objectives or guidelines are often overlooked. Business-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) also get diluted or are altogether ignored in such an approach. So, how can organizations strike a balance between Oracle application support and their strategic business goals?

Let’s delve deep into this question and explore the solutions that can help enterprises maintain harmony between Oracle application support and long-term business imperatives.

Introducing Alcor’s Solution: Specialized Stabilization Service

At Alcor, we have introduced a specialized application stabilization service that offers more than just application support. Our unique service offering provides superior application support and stability while ensuring the overarching business management objectives are fulfilled.

Adopting a holistic approach, Alcor’s specialized service helps generate reports that align with the business objectives. It also provides a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure the smooth operation of Oracle applications.

The comprehensive Alcor stabilization package includes:

  • Issue support
  • SOPs for period closure
  • Reconciliation procedures
  • MIS report generation
  • Objective mapping reports

These components work together to enhance the overall application stability and performance. By the time Alcor’s stabilization services are fully implemented, enterprises will not only have a stabilized application but a well-oiled machine that fully syncs with their business objectives. The ultimate result is a powerful platform enabling organizations to improve their overall operational efficiency.

Alcor’s Unique Approach and Execution Process:

As part of the stabilization process, the Alcor team performs an in-depth assessment of your current configurations, customizations, and the pain points within your Oracle environment. Further, we carefully assess your enterprise objectives, roadmap, and goals, documenting these insights to align them with the concerned Oracle application.

Our Oracle experts then prepare an approach roadmap, outlining the steps required for application stabilization. This roadmap is designed based on your specific business needs and objectives to ensure successful project completion.

With a clear roadmap in place, Alcor will execute the stabilization process systematically. Our execution process includes:

  • Implementing the defined steps to stabilize the Oracle environment
  • Providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure smooth application functioning
  • Aligning the process with your enterprise’s specific objectives

Stabilization Effectivity: The Alcor Way

In a nutshell, Alcor’s stabilization service extends beyond traditional support by offering a smart pathway to align the Oracle applications with broader business objectives. Through tailored support, milestone-based billing, and a comprehensive approach, Alcor ensures that Oracle applications not just serve as a business tool but become part of the wider enterprise growth strategy.

Sign up for our specialized service to experience the Alcor difference, where application support meets long-term business success.

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