AccessFlow – Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow Platform for IAM Innovation

13 Mar, 2024

The increasing prevalence of hybrid work, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity concerns are pushing companies to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. However, with legacy, on-premises identity and management processes and tools in place, organizations find it challenging to keep up with the evolving security and agility requirements posted by modern cloud apps and work-from-anywhere operations. This requires organizations to shift from a traditional access management approach to modern IAM solutions for overcoming enterprise security and efficiency hurdles. At the same time, they must ensure that their preferred IAM solution seamlessly integrates with other strategic and mission-critical business infrastructure components and platforms like IT service management and Active Directory that drive core enterprise operations.   

AccessFlow is one such modern IAM solution that provides powerful access management and identity governance capabilities natively on the robust ServiceNow platform. It leverages ServiceNow’s reliable, secure, and proven cloud infrastructure to accommodate the current and future IAM needs of modern enterprises. Being a native Now Platform solution, it can effortlessly integrate with ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and other products to unify and automate enterprise access management and governance processes. It also empowers organizations to move away from standalone IAM products in favor of utilizing their existing ServiceNow infrastructure to streamline IAM operations, ensuring higher efficiency, security, cost savings, and seamless user experience.   

Before we dig deeper into ServiceNow capabilities leveraged by AccessFlow to transform IAM, let’s first understand:   

What makes ServiceNow the Platform of Choice for AccessFlow?  

The Now platform from ServiceNow is an intelligent enterprise cloud platform to automate and streamline business operations from IT service management and asset management to customer service and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).  It serves as the intelligent foundation that powers all core ServiceNow offerings, providing a single source of truth and intelligent automation capabilities to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.   

Below are some key reasons that make ServiceNow the preferred platform for AccessFlow to drive automated IAM operations:   

  1. Faster development: The Now Platform provides easy low-code to no-code configuration and in-depth developer tools, including reusable app components and flows to automate complex business processes, including IAM, driving greater efficiency and cost savings.
  2. Efficient task management: The multi-instance architecture of the Now Platform enables developers to host their applications in a separate environment with dedicated resources, ensuring streamlined operations, superior performance, and greater customization.
  3. Consistency and scalability: The Now platform is designed to handle and process high-volume data transactions without any scalability and performance issues, given its reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure. With its unified data model and architecture, the Now Platform also supports process standardization, which is critical for IAM operations.
  4. Robust security: The Now platform is built ground up keeping enterprise security in mind. It offers a broad range of built-in security tools like single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and robust data encryption to safeguard your overall business systems and operations. The robust security and process automation capabilities also help organizations achieve compliance with regulatory standards.
  5. Higher return on investment: The Now platform helps businesses save time and money by enabling them to build customized applications and processes on top of their existing ServiceNow infrastructure. It provides a range of development, integration, and intelligence services and tools to automate repetitive business processes and unlock greater efficiency.

AccessFlow: Revolutionizing Identity and Access Management on the ServiceNow Platform 

  1. Single source of truth: AccessFlow harnesses the Now Platform’s persistent data services, known as table structures, to store data related to enterprise identities and associated permissions, promoting a standardized and secure access management and identity governance approach.
  2. Low code no code: Utilizing Now Platform’s low-code to no-code capabilities, AccessFlow simplifies the creation of IAM workflows and processes, drastically reducing development time and effort. For instance, AccessFlow leverages the Now Platform’s reusable components such as forms and catalogs to set up a fast and easy application onboarding process for business and application owners, requiring minimal IT support.
  3. Customized dashboards and reporting: AccessFlow harnesses the Now Platform’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to deliver customized, data-rich visualizations and reports for various IAM operations, enhancing overall access visibility and control.
  4. Localization and internationalization: AccessFlow harnesses the Now platform’s localization and internationalization capability to enable end-users to perform IAM operations in their native language. Currently, it provides out-of-the-box support for 22 international languages, including German, Spanish, and French, among others.
  5. Scalable architecture: AccessFlow leverages the Now Platform’s reliable cloud architecture to provide users around the world with uninterrupted, secure, and reliable access management and identity governance services.
  6. Workflow orchestration: AccessFlow optimizes IAM operations by automating and consolidating disparate, manual processes through simplified low-code to no-code workflows and data-driven forms built on the Now Platform.
  7. Integration with ServiceNow and other third-party applications: AccessFlow can seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow CMDB and other third-party products to unify access administration under one platform. If you have licensing for Now Platform’s Integration Hub solution, AccessFlow can also easily connect with it to extend access management capabilities across hundreds of third-party applications.

Elevate Your IAM Strategy with AccessFlow and ServiceNow 

In a nutshell, AccessFlow takes the guesswork out of your IAM strategy by offering a unified, automated, and centralized approach to access management and identity governance natively on ServiceNow. Certified by ServiceNow experts for IAM best practices and security, AccessFlow accelerates your journey to a modern, agile, resilient, and digitally connected organization by offering top-notch access management and governance services. The dual power of both platforms provides multi-fold benefits for your business, from improved efficiency and robust compliance to unparalleled security and superior user experience.  

AccessFlow is directly downloadable from the ServiceNow App Store. Don’t wait, sign up for a product demo to supercharge your IAM strategy today! To learn more about AccessFlow and its Now Platform excellence, contact us at

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