Accelerate Time to Value with AccessFlow IGA

25 May, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations face the challenge of meeting escalating access demands while upholding stringent security requirements. The need to optimize processes and allocate resources effectively has never been more critical. To address these pressing concerns, organizations must establish robust Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) programs as a foundational component of their overall Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework.

AccessFlow IGA emerges as a transformative solution for organizations seeking to optimize their IGA processes. By empowering application owners with self-service capabilities, AccessFlow IGA simplifies onboarding and application management, significantly reducing time and resource overheads. It eliminates the need for extensive technical expertise and coding, allowing for efficient role adjustments and streamlined workflows. Additionally, AccessFlow IGA automates access reviews, provisioning, authentication, and deprovisioning, enhancing organizational security, compliance, and productivity while reducing labor costs. With AccessFlow IGA, organizations can achieve faster time to value, maximize efficiency, and focus on core business objectives.

Standing Out from the Crowd: AccessFlow IGA’s Value Proposition for Driving Efficiency and Optimal Returns

AccessFlow IGA offers comprehensive identity lifecycle management, encompassing the entire journey from employee onboarding to deboarding. When compared to its competitors, AccessFlow IGA stands out in terms of time efficiency, resource requirements, and ease of management.

Streamlined Onboarding Process: Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on coding and ongoing maintenance by application owners, AccessFlow IGA provides flexible and self-service onboarding capabilities. With AccessFlow, application owners or admins can easily manage the onboarding process without the need for additional technical resources. This eliminates the time-consuming process of emailing various teams, scheduling calls, and incurring extra costs. Empowering users with self-service capabilities, AccessFlow IGA significantly reduces onboarding time and resource overhead.

Effortless Application Management: In the majority of access management solutions, application owners face limitations when it comes to making changes such as adding or removing roles due to technical dependencies and coding requirements. This often leads to time-consuming meetings, involving multiple details and approval processes. In contrast, AccessFlow IGA simplifies application management by eliminating the need for additional resources and streamlining the process. Application owners can easily manage roles and make necessary adjustments without in-depth technical know-how, resulting in significant time savings.

Simplified Workflow Updates: Traditional applications often lack straightforward processes for workflow updates, requiring users to depend on technical experts for customization. AccessFlow IGA revolutionizes this aspect by empowering users with automated and scheduled access reviews, efficient provisioning, accurate authentication and authorization, self-service interfaces, and streamlined deprovisioning. By centralizing and automating identity lifecycle management, AccessFlow IGA ensures organizational compliance and enhances productivity while reducing manual effort and associated costs.

Propel Enterprise Identity Governance & Administration to the Next Level!

Onboarding multiple applications can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, involving expenses such as product licenses, senior developers’ salaries, testing technicians, and administrators. Without a robust IAM solution, this process can stretch over days or even weeks, hampering productivity and affecting the entire employee lifecycle, compliance, integrations, and user experience.

AccessFlow IGA alleviates these challenges by significantly reducing costs, resources, and time investment. What might typically take competitors 5 to 7 days can be accomplished within just 30 minutes to 1 hour with AccessFlow, without the need to hire employees with specialized technical expertise. By streamlining the onboarding process, AccessFlow IGA maximizes efficiency and adds value to organizations, allowing them to focus on core business objectives rather than grappling with time-consuming and costly access management procedures.


To discover the power of AccessFlow IGA, connect with us at and learn how AccessFlow IGA, a product built and certified on the ServiceNow platform can streamline your Identity and Access Management Journey.

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