Achieve Your Identity and Access Management Goals with AccessFlow

23 Sep, 2022

In this digital age, even basic business activities include access to applications, networks, data, and other critical business assets. Moreover, with remote or hybrid work, managing identities and restricting access is getting more difficult and complex, opening the door for possible breach dangers. In this scenario, organizations require a trusted identity and access management (IAM) solution to secure access to company assets for business resilience and continuity – ensuring that only the appropriate users have access to the appropriate resources.

Let’s AccessFlow!

AccessFlow is an automated, centralized, and compliant Enterprise Access Management and Governance solution built on the robust ServiceNow® Now platform. It is a SOC 1 Type 1 Certified solution and provides customers with added trust and compliance benefits.

Bringing your access management to life, AccessFlow ensures that the right users in an organization have the right access to the right resources, and for the right duration. AccessFlow provides a possibility to automate the end-to-end digital identity lifecycle and unify the access administration approach across entities – be it applications, network folders, or more granular process-driven roles. It streamlines operations, removes a lot of workload pressure from IT or IAM, and places it in the hands of the line of business.

Apt for the modern workforce and the new world of work – AccessFlow empowers organizations to become audit-ready while providing a unified interface to request, track and execute access management operations across the user lifecycle. It leverages various automated infrastructure and cloud management functions that do not require any physical presence in offices or data centers.

AccessFlow is an easy-to-use, converged IAM offering – that provides IGA, Access Management, and PAM solution – all under one roof and on the go!


Key Capabilities of AccessFlow

  • End-to-End Identity Lifecycle Management: AccessFlow offers complete identity lifecycle management right from the point where an employee is hired to the point where they part ways with the organization. This solution offers accelerated provisioning, ensures precise authentication and authorization, empowers users with a self-service dashboard, assists in password management, looks after automated and scheduled access reviews, and finally takes care of quick and easy deprovisioning. This end-to-end management of the identity lifecycle ensures that the users as well as the organization is secure, identities are managed, and regulations are met. These automated processes reduce manual work, enhance efficiency and productivity, and helps organizations with high ROI.


  • Cloud and On-prem Support: AccessFlow addresses the urgent need to provide adequate resource access in increasingly diverse technological environments, by providing seamless support for both on-premises and cloud environments. Being a cloud-native product, AccessFlow allows users to work from any location and any device – without compromising access security. Through single sign-on, users can be granted access to all the applications using just one set of credentials. This also enables safeguarding private information and apps by adding additional security levels with the employment of multifactor authentication, thus keeping processes and procedures in compliance.


  • Seamless Integrations: Empowered with ready-to-use, bidirectional integrations, AccessFlow makes it easier for customers to extend access management capabilities across different in-house applications and assets to have complete visibility on a unified platform. The product operational intelligence, data flow recommendations, and reusable business logic simplify the overall process of integration and error resolution. Some of the crucial out-of-the-box AccessFlow integrations include – Azure Active Directory (AD), Major ERP Platforms (SAP and Oracle), and Major Middleware Platforms (MuleSoft and Boomi)


  • Compliance: AccessFlow is a robust IAM solution that is backed up by a demonstrated IGA strategy, provides comprehensive audit provision, and improves the overall security posture of an organization. Multiple AccessFlow features that play a crucial role in making this a reality include but are not limited to – Segregation of Duties (SoD) for proactive internal controls, seamless collaboration with the GRC module to ensure data protection and security, Role-based access management for more granular approach, dormant account visibility to reduce license leakage and breaches, and access visibility for auditing purposes and informed decision making.


  • Superior User Experience: Being an intuitive, self-service platform with distinguished UI, AccessFlow offers an always-on user experience. From resetting passwords to maintaining access to different entities with just a few simple clicks, AccessFlow simplifies and accelerates the whole process for both requestors and approvers. It offers ease of administration with a low code no code platform, making it easy even for those with minimal or no IT knowledge to manage the operations. Additionally, features like chatbot, mobile experience, task pane, etc. are what make AccessFlow a go-to product.


Get Started with a Holistic IAM Solution

Businesses today must safeguard their company assets and information against IT risks, abide by industry rules and regulations, and follow internal and external auditing standards as they adopt new technologies and operate in a more diversified environment – one that guarantees the digital integrity of their employees, vendors, and contractors. Being one of the top ServiceNow partners and holding extensive implementation expertise, Alcor has built AccessFlow, a one-stop IAM solution for managing the end-to-end digital identity lifecycle and taking your access management to the next level.

AccessFlow streamlines and automates the entire enterprise access management and compliance process, making sure that every access to applications, network folders, SharePoint database servers, etc. is verified and accounted for. Due to its effective open architectural design, AccessFlow gives enterprises a competitive advantage by enhancing their productivity and employee satisfaction while also enhancing process efficiency and cost savings.

So, get set and watch your IAM solution come into action with AccessFlow!

Kickstart your access management journey by requesting an AccessFlow demo today at


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