Transforming Recruitment Workflows for Seamless Hiring with TalentRun

15 Feb, 2022

Set your hiring process on an auto-pilot mode with TalentRun!

TalentRun is an automated end-to-end candidate tracking system that allows recruiters and candidates to go through a complete hiring lifecycle seamlessly. The platform offers a winning recruiting process, stellar candidate experience, a high level of confidentiality and security and the right metrics for taking informed decisions while hiring.

TalentRun helps to Identify the hiring need, create job requisition, develop, and execute recruitment plans, review applicants, schedule interviews, hire for the required position and render a seamless experience by aiding in pre-boarding, onboarding, and transitioning candidates.

When things can be automated, why go manual?

With the new version available on ServiceNow® App Store, TalentRun customers will now be able to:

  • Experience fully integrated and 360° automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Align with seamless hiring lifecycle with machine learning and customization capabilities
  • Track real-time engagement through greater visibility across the candidate’s lifecycle
  • Find improved efficiency with no cumbersome aspects of multiple manual communication

Key Features of TalentRun

  • Bulk Import Functionality: This enables organizations to bulk import the applications from various job boards. It can also be customized and linked to company’s website to automatically fetch applications and feed the data into ATS. This empowers recruiters to go through an array of resumes in a centralized space.
  • Automated Resume Parsing: Through Machine Learning, all the data that has been fetched from various sources can be analyzed and details can be extracted and stored automatically in talent’s record. This gives users the ability to process pre-organized data from the talents table and use the information to find out the best candidate for a particular position.
  • Talents Table: This feature enables organization to store the imported data into unique talent cards in table view having all the details extracted and saved in respective fields through automated resume parsing. This further empowers to bookmark a talent for later view or directly share the talent card with anyone within the system for further reference.
  • Pre-Employment Assessment Integration: Automated pre-employment assessment has been integrated, enabling recruiters to automatically trigger an assessment of choice for the candidates and post its completion, they have the accessibility to the auto fetched results on the candidate profile itself.
  • Automated Document Repository: This feature empowers HR team to automatically fetch the documents from the candidate response and store them in the candidate’s respective profile in TalentRun. It prevents the vulnerability of manual errors and helps in diminishing time and process complexities, making the whole experience seamless and automated.
  • Real-Time Visibility: With the view of dynamic role-based dashboards and reportees’ summary, organizations will be able to experience enhanced real-time visibility of the overall recruitment landscape, which significantly improves the recruitment process. It even ensures confidentiality and security at each stage with access to only role-based content.
  • Delegate Functionality: This feature empowers organizations with the ability to delegate multiple positions or the whole account with positions and their linked candidate profiles from one recruiter to another recruiter. This helps in easy transition of recruiter workflows and segregation of duties based on different scenarios.
  • Global Search & Interactive Filters: With these features, users now have the advantage to search records based on multiple factors right from their dashboards and talents page and have a holistic organizational hiring status. It provides them the ability to extend their search results with more precision using advanced filters.

How Does TalentRun uniquely cater to the organizations for seamless and automated recruitments?

Built to simplify talent management, improve visibility, and optimize cumbersome processes, TalentRun now enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Superior User Experience Customized and intuitive workflows that require little to no specialized skills for managing talents as well as third party integrated tools offers upscaled user experience. New TalentRun enhancements like global search option, advanced interactive filters etc. further enhance employee satisfaction and empowers them to carry seamless recruitments.
  • Improved Process Efficiency

    TalentRun provides 360° view of the recruitment landscape with fewer custom tables for an easy recruitment process from start to finish. With multiple integrations and automated processes, it empowers users with an all-in-one platform for end-to-end hiring lifecycle ensuring improved efficiency and better visibility.

  • Cost Efficiency

    With TalentRun, the flow designer allows easy modifications and saves cost on development. Data-driven flows and Integrations optimizes customers’ investment ensuring maximum ROI. Its low-code to no-code capability allows customers to save much on customization, maintenance, and implementation costs.

  • Enhanced Business Productivity

    Newly introduced features like bulk import, automated document repository, talents table and others eliminate the vulnerability to manual errors, ensuring effective and improved business productivity. TalentRun’s extensible and efficient architecture allows easy customization and upgrades, making the process more agile and scalable.

Prepare yourself to travel the recruitment journey like never before!

Applicant Tracking Systems are quickly proving to be an essential requirement in today’s digital era. TalentRun is equipped with features that are capable to transform complete hiring lifecycle and automate the processes for low to no manual intervention. Organizations looking for a wholesome hiring process must explore and expand their hiring technology and add TalentRun in their recruiting landscape.

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