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Are you looking for a solution that could simplify your organization’s Identity and Access Management approach?
Alcor is pleased to introduce its newest product – AccessFlow!

AccessFlow is an Identity and Access Management Platform built on ServiceNow™ and available on the ServiceNow App Store!

AccessFlow automates enterprise access management and compliance. It offers an automated framework of policies and technology tools which allows organizations to provide appropriate access of technology resources to their employees.

Join us for a webinar on AccessFlow and learn about the business benefits that it can offer your organization. Discover how AccessFlow can reduce costs and IT risk, increase business productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

Participate in this webinar and receive one-month free trial of AccessFlow on ServiceNow App Store!

Speakers Thursday, May 14, 2020
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    John van Ommen
    ServiceNow Architect
    Alcor Solutions Inc.

Past Webinar

  • Topic: Streamline Your Organizations Identity and Access Management with AccessFlow!
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