Recognizing Employees Every day – A little appreciation goes a long way!

04 Mar, 2021

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of an effective management. It not only amplifies corporate culture but also improves employee productivity and reduces turnover.
“As per a recent survey, 63% of employees who feel appreciated and recognized said they are very unlikely to switch job in the next 6 months.”
So, the question is – why restrict it to only certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, employee appreciation day, and annual reviews? Why only March 5 and not every day can be celebrated as an employee appreciation day? Why not build and promote a culture of appreciation where managers can appreciate their team members and employees can praise their colleagues every time they want?
At Alcor, we understand that these small gestures of appreciation from managers or teammates goes a long way! It helps in building and promoting a culture of recognition, happiness, and motivation across the organization. Most significantly, employee experience is elevated far beyond and they truly feel valued! That is why, we believe in choosing the right recognition strategy, the one that aligns with our business goals.
We empower our teams to create an appreciative workplace culture by using an amazing employee appreciation platform. It is a modern solution and provides a user friendly platform to amplify connections and build great work ethics among employees.
It allows presenting and receiving points to and from peers with the flexibility to choose gift cards or cash redemptions. More than just a “Thank You” note, it offers the excitement that employees look up to! With this solution, personal milestone celebrations such as birthdays and work anniversaries have become a lot easier. Employees can offer a desired number of reward points to the relevant employee on single click of a button. Not only this, employees can also share how they feel.
This platform binds employees from different user groups and has a direct impact on the most crucial aspects of our day-to-day business including productivity, morale, and purpose. It is always good to have your employees feel fun and motivated at the same time.
If you would like to learn how Alcor’s home-grown solution, High5 – a solution built on the ServiceNow platform can be a game-changer in elevating your employee recognition and appreciation policy, contact us today at

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