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20 Nov, 2020

Providing the right message to the right audience at the right time (3Rs) is critical to any organization. The usual way for this type of engagement is to send out emails, put in information periodically on different channels, and follow up to ensure the success of your message. This is really time-consuming, challenging, and requires extensive planning. To ease your journey, ServiceNow can help you package your content into campaigns and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

You may now probably ask “Why would I require to utilize this feature from ServiceNow HRSD”? Well, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish from your campaign. You may want to Deflect, Drive Action, or communicate something to your employees. Let us take an example. In your organization, you would like the employees to use Virtual Agent (another awesome feature from Service Now, FYI!) to reduce the incident count for repeated, low priority IT issues. You can set up a campaign (periodically) to send out top rated message content to drive this behaviour. Another example will be to enrol for health insurance or 401 K benefits. Here, the HR team can set up a campaign exclusively for this and display your content on portal, mobile UI, etc. in one go. An organization-wide event is coming up and you want people to know about it across platforms? Well, you guessed the right tool to use- CAMPAIGNS it is!

ServiceNow lists a few features for its Campaign Application (called Content Automation) on its Production documentation page (link:, such as:

  • Utilize HR criteria and flexible time windows to alleviate inappropriate communications
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Reduce dependence on email
  • Augment employee experience and deflect cases by pushing content

Let us dive deeper into the process of implementing a campaign:

Stages of implementing a Campaign in an organization:

Layered Campaign Structure:

Based on the information we have; we can now design a functional flow of a campaign HR wants to run for an organization. This campaign is for their Annual HR meet (all Virtual, of course!):

An example to explain the concept of Campaign:

As a closing note to this blog, content automation and campaign is a powerful tool that will help the HR communications team utilize the power of portals- desktop and mobile to effectively communicate their messages. It is ideal for organizations that have started leveraging the power of portals or the ones who are struggling to manage their communications via emails and other manual efforts. It makes the communications appear structured, professional, and can truly lead to better employee experience and behavioural changes intended by the management of the organization.

About The Author:

Manas Chafekar is a Senior Consultant at Alcor Solutions, Inc. with 9 years of IT experience. He has extensive knowledge of ITSM, HRSD, FSM, ITIL- Service Operations and Continuous Service improvements.

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