Recruit Seamlessly With TalentRun!

TalentRun – An Automated End to End Applicant Tracking System that allows Recruiters go through the hiring process seamlessly! From creating a Position Requisition to final hiring, TalentRun provides easy real time tracking and participation in the process at each stage. In addition, it offers high level of confidentiality and security by assigning role to a user to control access to features and capabilities in the application thus allowing access to only permitted tasks/information.

TalentRun can also be a repository of all candidate profiles and resumes database. In addition, it also provides an interface for Employee Referrals submission and payout. Seamless collaboration with hiring teams, interviews and feedbacks via TalentRun can ensure fair and objective evaluations and boarding the best candidate in a timely manner.

Self-Service Reports and Dashboards in TalentRun provide real time visibility into hiring status and help in estimating the onboarding progress further aligning the hire with the hiring manager’s immediate needs.

Why TalentRun?

The manual recruitment and candidate tracking process can be cumbersome, expensive and a huge bottle neck for timely hiring of candidates.

The Applicant Tracking System, TalentRun, is a full stack 360° automated environment built on the robust yet fast, single view, machine learning capable ServiceNow™ Cloud platform. At each stage in theTalentRun environment, Applicant-Employer privacy and confidentiality is maintained. An easy tracking feature at every stage of the TalentRun is enabled for maintaining a collaborative and easy system.

A saving of $42,600 annually was estimated in a recent Return on Investment study done with an average 250 employees’ organization. Also, the time spent on the recruitment process annually was reduced by 60%. A survey done with TalentRun users in this organization revealed a very high level of satisfaction among the new hires and the hiring team, thus making the whole experience delightful.

TalentRun Features:

  • TalentRun gives a user-friendly interface to Recruiter, Leads, Executives, Panelist and End Users to collaborate in Applicant tracking system.
  • Requisitions & Budgets captured in one centralized workspace.
  • Easy, real time tracking at each stage of the Hiring.
  • Seamless Collaboration with hiring teams.
  • Candidate Profiles & Resume Management.
  • Enables you to upload your job postings on LinkedIn.
  • Interface for Employee Referrals submission.
  • Consistent Interviews & Feedback ensures fair and objective evaluations, help determine the best candidate.
  • Self-Service Reports and Dashboards
  • Manage confidentiality by assigning Role to a user – to control access to features and capabilities.
  • Security is built into all levels of the system.
  • Allows to maximize ROI on recruiting efforts.
  • Realtime Email Synchronization.
  • Reduces time and cost to hire.

TalentRun Differentiators:

  • Built on a robust yet fast, single view, machine learning capable, ServiceNow™ Cloud platform.
  • Self-Service Reports and Dashboards provide real time visibility into each stage of hiring.
  • Maintains Applicant- Employer privacy and confidentiality.
  • Provides interface for Employee Referrals submission and payout.
  • Integrated to job portal site.
  • Huge Return on Investment with 60% reduction on time spent in the recruiting process.

TalentRun provides applicant tracking, trust, ease, security and collaboration – all rolled into one!

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