19 Mar, 2020

In the matter of just a few weeks COVID-19 has disrupted the way we all work. 

Closed offices, disrupted routines, adjustment to remote work, work and life balance in the quarantine conditions. These are some of the new realities we are facing. With most of the global companies advising their employees to work from home and practice social distancing, the way we work has been transforming day by day. 

But as we are working from home – the work doesn’t stop. In fact, it adds up and requires new approaches and solutions to simplify remote work access and communication between the teams. 

Alcor has built several digital workflow driven solutions on leading platforms such as ServiceNow, AWS and Azure platforms, including HR solutions for end-to-end candidate tracking, on-boarding, off-boarding, digital employee orientation, employee appreciation, automated access management and more. In the light of the recent events these products can kick-start an organizations ability to conduct business remotely.

Here is a deep dive into some of the solutions our customers can use to mitigate the impact of a global pandemic on their businesses:

TalentRun is Automated End to End Candidate Tracking Process which allows Recruiters and candidates go through the hiring process seamlessly even in remote conditions. TalentRun is also used to support on-boarding, off-boarding , as well as provides tools for employee orientation and initial learning programs.

AlcorOne is Automated one stop employee portal built on the robust, AI enabled, ServiceNow platform – enriching employee experiences in a trustworthy, easy, collaborative and secure environment. This employee portal can be utilized to improve and automate employee experience, recruitment and candidate tracking process, offerings for HR professionals. Our customers use it to publish company announcements, important messages based on the employee’s location, track events and unite employee on one platform. 

AlcorOne is integrated with ServiceNow HR Case management application which is used to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests, improving HR efficiency and services over time. Virtual agent is a great addition to this solution to enable automated chats for employees requesting critical HR services and FAQs at this time.  

High5 is the only full automated, seamless and collaborative Employee Appreciation Product built on ServiceNow™ platform. Virtual Appreciation and Recognition unites remote teams and gives them a sense of purpose and belonging, especially in the times of disconnect.

Accessflow is one stop shop for all access needs for many customers. It’s fully automated, has plug and play configurations and allows to track your access seamlessly with privileged access management, role-based approval system, agent workspace experience,  and several automated infrastructure and  cloud management functions that do not require any physical presence in offices or data centers.

In order to cover the most impacted by COVID-19 and help organizations streamline their operations in this moment of crisis, Alcor is extending all our above solutions free of cost for next two months. Please reach out to us at , if your community or your organization can benefit from our solutions. 

Thank you for your commitment and support. We are positive that working together in helping our communities and staying in touch with those we care about – our families, customers and partners – will help us to overcome this crisis soon!

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