Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with Alcor’s Cloud Catapult

01 Nov, 2020

Alcor’s Cloud Catapult is a set of Tools to automate your cloud migration from Oracle EBusiness Suite (EBS) to cloud. It is a low cost, rapid and an accurate Cloud Migration tool. It is built for Oracle’s E Business Suite ERP, HCM and CRM Cloud Migration.
Alcor’s Cloud Catapult consists of: Assessor, Configurator and Auto Data Migrator

  • Assessor:

Automated Assessment tools help evaluate your current E Business Suite instance. Alcor’s Assessment tool will retrieve existing Set ups, Profiles, Flex field structures, Ledger structure, Organization structure , Reports, Customizations and Personalization so that assessment is done quickly and cloud migration Impact analysis is seamless.

  • Configurator:

This tool help in EBS to Cloud process mapping. Process to Process mapping is done from EBS to cloud, so that process configurations can be moved to cloud using auto Configurator, thereby saving time and efforts for configuration.

  • Auto Data Migrator:

Automated Data Migration tool migrates EBS Data to Cloud. It encompasses pre-built scripts to Extract, Transform and Load using Auto Data Migrator. Alcor’s Data Extraction and Migration Scripts extracts data from EBS Covering Masters, Transaction Data and Set Up Details. This would significantly reduce time for data migration ensuring accuracy and enhanced efficiency.  Alcor’s Automated Reconciliation Scripts will reconcile migrated data with source data ensuring precision.
Cloud Catapult Effectivity
The use of Cloud Catapult will reduce the Cloud Migration cost by 30 % – resulting in significant savings of time and money. Alcor tool makes Cloud Migration possible in just 14 weeks.
Structure Change advisory
If you would need to change Multi Org access control and Key structures while migrating to cloud, Alcor would provide advisory services on the impact of either Multi Org access Control Change or Key Structure Changes so that appropriate decisions could be made.
Contact us at to leverage automated tools and accelerate your journey to cloud migration.
About The Author:

Rajashekar Rao Kambla, Oracle – Director at Alcor Solutions, Inc. has more than 21+ years of experience on Oracle Applications on both E-Business suite and Oracle Fusion cloud Applications and Oracle Analytics (EPM).

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