SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ Alcor Announces the launch of AccessFlow

12 May, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ Alcor Announces the launch of AccessFlow – Identity and Access Management Platform built on ServiceNow™
Alcor, a leading global provider of cloud solutions, security, and implementation services, has announced the launch of its new product – AccessFlow.
AccessFlow is Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform built on ServiceNow™ and available on the ServiceNow™ App Store. It automates enterprise Identity and Access Management and compliance. With Accessflow, organizations can define access management blueprint, authority, access renewal and ongoing operations. It maintains enterprise identities, accounts, entitlements, and roles along with documented approvals, owner accountability, access reviews and dashboards for all functions.
AccessFlow provides competitive advantage to organizations by not only improving their productivity and employee satisfaction, but also providing process efficiencies and cost savings due to its efficient open architectural design.
“AccessFlow is designed to be truly a one stop shop for all access management needs across the IT access management lifecycle. It is based on data driven workflows & integrations, has an open architecture and embodies a great UX with a low code/no code philosophy so it is intuitive, quick & inexpensive to roll out and manage. If you are a ServiceNow™ user and have multiple security, authentication & identity management applications, AccessFlow acts as the perfect glue to give you a seamless user access management experience.” says Amit Singh, Alcor Chief Executive Officer.
Monisha Singh, Alcor Founder and Principal, Product Development and Strategic Alliances, commented on the AccessFlow launch: “We went through extensive research to gather voice of customers to build AccessFlow. Efficient architectural design, user-friendly self-service portal, agent workspace and mobile experience, as well as chatbot make AccessFlow an exclusive product in the marketplace. I am very proud of our team that developed this product and got it certified on the ServiceNow™ App Store in record time”.
Alcor is hosting a webinar on AccessFlow business benefits on May 14th at 11 AM PST:
To join the webinar and discover how AccessFlow can reduce costs and IT risk, increase business productivity, and improve employee satisfaction, please register here:
For more information on Alcor Solutions, please visit us our website at, follow us on  LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
Alcor Solutions, Inc. is a San Francisco, CA based company that provides global cloud advisory and implementation services to clients in multiple geographies. Their clients include global Fortune 500 as well as leading organizations in multiple industry verticals. Founded in 2008, Alcor Solutions Inc.’s focus has been building strong competency on cutting edge technologies and advising clients in implementing them. They are passionate about their thought leadership and believe that successful IT implementations result equally from good strategy and technology excellence. Alcor is Elite ServiceNow™ Partner, AWS Standard Partner, Oracle® Gold Partner, and also works with several other technologies including Microsoft, Salesforce, FireEye and more. Alcor Enabling Cloud™ is a registered trademark of Alcor.

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