SAN FRANCISCO, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ Alcor announces the launch of High5 – Employee Reward and Recognition Platform built on ServiceNow™

Alcor, a global digital transformation services company, advising leading businesses on Cloud Platforms, Digital Workflows, Technology and Robotic Automation, Enterprise Service Management, HR Solutions, Integrated Risk Management and Data & Analytics, announced the launch of High5 – the first, fully automated, seamless and collaborative Employee Reward and Recognition platform built on ServiceNow™ and available on the ServiceNow™ App Store.

High5 supports organizations streamline their employee appreciation process and connect all employees on one user-friendly platform, making the process of recognition and appreciation of employees very easy. It helps create appreciative workplace culture, improve morale, unite employees and teams, retain employees’ long term, and motivate them to accomplish more.

High5 allows employees to show appreciation for the great work done by their colleagues, as well as celebrate their personal milestones, such as birthdays and anniversaries, by giving High5 points. If sponsored by the organization, these points can convert to tangible rewards that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards, cash redemption and more on High5’s e-commerce store. High5 reward redemption store features an extensive amount of vendor gift card options for rewards redemption, including donations to charities.

The High5 Basic and Premium plans with competitive features and pricing become a great solution for improving corporate culture of appreciation for organizations of all sizes and needs!

Sunita Gulia, Manager – Product Development at Alcor Solutions, Inc., commented on the High5 launch: “The organizational spent on employee reward and recognition programs has shown tremendous growth recently, and it will continue to witness an outstanding growth for the next ten years! With the High5 product, we cover the entire HR lifecycle on the ServiceNow Platform and make it easy for organizations to implement such a program seamlessly on Service Now while making it affordable for them.”

“We are very proud of launching High5 product and helping multiple organizations get to a new level of appreciation, while building up their corporate culture and achieving corporate goals. The timing of this launch is perfect. In the light of recent events, staying united with your teams and recognizing colleagues on their successful efforts is more important than ever.” says Anna Alferova, Sr. Marketing Specialist at Alcor Solutions, Inc.

Learn more about High5 product benefits by visiting the product page and watching an interactive video about High5.

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Alcor Solutions, Inc. is a global digital transformation services company based in San Francisco, CA. It is serving Fortune 500, Government Agencies, and other leading organizations in multiple industry verticals across US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and India. Alcor advises leading businesses on Cloud Platforms, Digital Workflows, Technology & Robotic Automation, Enterprise Service Management, HR Solutions, Integrated Risk Management and Data & Analytics. Alcor is a ServiceNow Elite partner, AWS partner, an Oracle Gold partner and works with Azure, Salesforce, FireEye, Tanium & several other cutting-edge technologies. It also provides business process consulting to capture, re-engineer and improve processes that can easily be automated to deliver real value. The Alcor consulting team are experts in Business strategy, Cloud Technology and Organizational Change Management. Learn more about Alcor Solutions at Alcor Enabling Cloud™ is a registered trademark of Alcor.

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