Performance Analytics: Empowering Enterprise IT

19 Feb, 2014

IT performance reporting and analytics is a strategic gap that must be filled for IT to prove its value to the enterprise.Standard IT performance reports lack a time based perspective. Manual reporting based on spread sheets is labor-intensive and legacy business intelligence tools for reporting and analytics are complex and expensive. Analytics solutions are quickly shifting from a luxury tobeing a critical component of modern enterprise operations. Many organizations rely on the insights provided by data analytics processes from womb to tomb, giving them a clearer view on everything from workload automation processes to customer management systems. Alcor Solutions deploys the best in class enterprise solutions to exploit the full measure of Performance Analytics across the business to deliver optimum benefits.

Benefits of Performance Analytics

Launch and Deliver Performance Improvement.

  • By presenting a wide variety of metrics and key performance indicators for every aspect of the business.
  • Deliver mobile-enabled analytics that provide powerful insight into how to improve performance in intuitive, graphical dashboards.
  • Pinpoint areas for performance improvement using interactivetime charts, drill downs, dashboards and various graphical tools.
  • Enable objectivity in service delivery.
  • Drive behavioral change in tune with technology up gradation and customer oriented focus.

Establish a Single System of Record

  • Creating new opportunities for incorporating unified service management solutions leveraging information across the network.
  • Share transparent and updated visuals of IT and business processes and performance across teams, departments and organizations.
  • Enable initiatives that take advantage of analytics to improve internal processes.
  • Improve IT and business intelligence
  • Implement easy to use reporting and analyzing tool.

Realize the Time-Money-Value relation

  • Implement time saving processes of reporting.
  • Reduce costs on labor-intensive processes.
  • Reduce time to value ratio on old and fragmented data collation processes while increasing data integrity and accuracy.
  • Improve IT and business intelligence
  • Implement easy to use reporting and analyzing tool.

Every department within an organization can benefit from the inclusion of analytics capabilities, including Human Resources, Legal and Facilities. At its most basic level, analytics can help department leaders determine how to best manage their service responsibilities and identify potential inefficiencies holding up service delivery and eliminate them.
The analytics capabilities on offer are therefore a potent force multiplier in enhancing the performance of the enterprise across all facets of the business and imparting innovation and agility to the enterprise.
Alcor is a technology implementation company focusing on Enterprise and Government technology needs in ITSM, systems integration, web development and mobility space. We provide a strategic ITSM implementation approach to our clients and focus on solving business problems by leveraging an integrated business process design and technology implementation capability.

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