Employee Center : Enhancing the Employee Service Experience

01 Jun, 2023

With hybrid work culture in the picture, the service portal is proving to be outdated. It’s time to modernize the service portal by combining personalized content experiences and multidepartment offerings in a single location. Deliver a cutting-edge employee experience platform with ServiceNow Employee Center that promotes unified and consistent employee experiences across any preferred channel. Employee Center facilitates departmental services, actionable content experiences, and unified system access from a single location.  

Challenges Posed by Service Portal 

  • Inability to integrate and expand services to fit your specific business requirements. 
  • Lack of simple content management tools and governance workflows to deliver targeted messaging.  
  • Lack of branding and personalisation results in a bad user experience. 
  • Digital sprawl is causing back-office operations and unsatisfactory employee experiences.  

 Unlocking the Benefits of Employee Center

  • The Employee Center enables improved scalability and information organization while incorporating all components of the Service Portal.
  • The Employee Center is employee-focused and provides a unified browser so users can look for different content types across departments without switching pages (for example, see Catalogue Items and Knowledge search results in a clean, single search interface rather than having to search those types separately).
  • The addition of modules obviates the need for redesign. For instance, if you implement HR or Legal Service Delivery using ITSM modules, it will be included in the Employee Center without the need for a redesign.
  • The Employee Center allows the use of the Portal Analyzer tool supplied by ServiceNow to identify any customizations.
  • The Employee Center’s out-of-the-box My Active Items widget provides a single place for all active items. An individual’s assigned responsibilities, to-do items, approvals, history, and other activities can all be seen in one location.
  • Configure the Service Portal Analytics and Success Dashboard plugins to gain insight into the Employee Center portal’s usage and evaluate the overall caliber of your user offering. 

Value brought in by Employee Center over Service Portal 

  • Employee Center delivers services across several departments, including HR, IT, Workplace Services, and Legal. Manages and publishes content experiences for personalized communication depending on employee requirements. 
  •  AI Search provides a contemporary, high-quality consumer search experience spanning knowledge bases, services, and systems and delivers custom services with a consistent, user-first experience. 
  • With Employee Center, you can automate integrations with 175 spokes for modern systems and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for legacy systems using Automation Engine  
  •  Uses low-code development tools to quickly build new services and creates non-intrusive guardrails for new services to empower citizen developers.  
  •  On Now Mobile, The Employee Center is natively usable, and more than 200 widgets may be easily added to the prebuilt Employee Centre. 

Employee Center – The Game Changer 

The Employee Center makes information and tasks more accessible and hence, boosts productivity. ServiceNow easily connects the most crucial systems, including HR management systems, financial applications, and communication tools. By eliminating the need to manually switch between older systems, robotic process automation (RPA) enables agents to concentrate more time on important requests. Additionally, the use of low-code and no-code solutions quickly deploy new experiences to Employee Centre to match an organization’s specific needs. 

It reduces the number of websites and portals that employees must browse by making the Employee Center the single location for all employee experiences. It also increases the uptake and accessibility of existing investments to get more value from them. The tasks Employees must do across all required systems are consolidated from Employee Center via a personalized path, all without them having to leave ServiceNow. 

The future is the Employee Center.  Are you ready for it yet? 

If yes, contact us at information@alcortech.com and let us help you in your digital transformation journey! 

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