The Future Of Candidate Tracking And New Hire Onboarding

Annually, $400 Billion are being spent on recruiting services and systems and even then, businesses are struggling to find the right talent, interested candidates are not finding their dream jobs, and star talent are still stuck in a job which they are not interested in doing. One of the main reasons behind these frustrations amongst the hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates is the use of outdated systems like emails and spreadsheets for hiring.

One of the crucial aspects, which are often overlooked in the recruitment process, is the candidate’s application experience. In the bigger picture, a positive candidate experience can play a significant role in boosting the organization’s reputation and attract a larger pool of qualified applicants. Taking shorter time to make hiring decisions also helps in catching the top talent before they accept another offer.

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5 Cloud Based Smart Inventions That Will Make 2016 a Whole Lot Of Fun!

Hello, 2016! It’s the start of another year, and by the looks of the CES 2016, it’s going to be a sweet one for all of us hooked on to smart devices. Flexibility, security, competitiveness, automation, and simplicity are the buzzwords surrounding cloud-based services.

It works like clockwork at the macro level, and it is going to be a success at the micro level too. Cloud based services and devices are the new normal.
Take a glimpse of the market, and you will see an explosion of gadgets, electronics, smart wear, and digitalization – all aiming at enticing the smart consumer, on cloud nine (pun intended)! 2016 is going to be the year of the cloud.
Here are five cloud based smart inventions that are gearing to make the New Year fun.

1. The Amazon Echo and Alexa App‘Alexa’ is your built-in personal assistant, Bluetooth speaker that is your “answer-it-all”. Right from playing your music from the Prime music library, to get updates on stock, weather or the latest news, you can ask it to create a shopping list, add, subtract, multiply, order online from amazon, or even set an alarm to wake you up. It is designed around the user’s voice and uses 7 microphones with beam-forming technology. Just call ‘Alexa’ for whatever you need!

2. June ‘the intelligent oven”If you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen for Christmas, June, the intelligent oven has got your back covered. It is an oven with a five inch touchscreen, cameras that can take pictures of your food as it cooks, provides recipes and recommends a cooking program based on weight of your ingredient, lets you control the oven via a smartphone, and has a comprehensive cloud –based video library that will make your baking, broiling, grilling, toasting, and braising a modern cooking adventure!

3. Disney Playmation – The Marvel AvengersMove over playstation! Playmation is here! It is a motion sensing technology that helps bring the virtual world into your reality. The Disneys’s Avengers’ starter pack gets you into your own Avengers movie. Run, jump, dodge, sneak and block with the help of JARVIS and the Iron Man himself. Fight the bad guys and complete missions by downloading the app and registering to access the Avengers Network. Kids are surely going go bonkers!

4. The Samsung smart things home monitor kitSmart times call for a smart, well-connected home that is completely automated and helps you breathe a sigh of relief. The Samsung Smart Things Home Monitor Kit enables you to control lighting, capture videos, monitor security and helps in increasing your comfort as you can add as many compatible devices to enjoy a fully automated life. Working on the principle of motion sensors, it is a perfect DIY solution, that is easy to assemble and easier to monitor on a smartphone app.

5. Beingso.comIt is a new innovative service that transforms you regular holiday E-card into a mobile app that can be viewed on all platforms. The E- greetings web site is a start-up that effortlessly combines photos, videos and messages to make a personalized online greeting card. Due to the flexibility of the HTML5 technology, users are able to transform the card stored on the website and play it in real time. The card can also be customized into any app compatible with mobiles and tablets.
Every imaginable bit of data around us is available at the click of a cloud. Technology makes life easier; and when life is easy, it is fun. Happy 2016!


Alcor Solutions Inc. is a technology implementation and system integration company focusing on Government and Enterprise technology projects and professional staffing in the enterprise applications, systems integration, IT Service Management and enterprise collaboration/mobility domains. Alcor Solutions Inc. is a preferred partner of ServiceNow.

5 Reasons to Service Map with ServiceNow ServiceWatch

Today, enterprises have a huge onus on them; that of delivering critical- IT enabled business services like email, supply chain systems, customer portals, and financial applications in a seamless way. A single impairment in a business service would potentially impact customer service, profitability and productivity. Now, every service is made of a complex set of interacting IT components that include physical and virtual servers, networks, databases, enterprise buses, assets, security loops and more. An outage in any of these directly impacts the delivery of the service.

Hence, an organization today needs a clear understanding of how services are affected by infrastructure issues. One needs to know and keep track of each and every infrastructure component that makes up a service. One needs to diagnose and resolve service impairments and outages quickly, flawlessly and on priority such that the business delivery is not affected. Today’s enterprise needs a service mapping tool that’s accurate, proactive, flexible, automated and simple – appropriately provided by ServiceNow ServiceWatch.

Here are five reasons to Service map with ServiceWatch: Read More

Overcome the challenge of integrating SaaS, mobile with the MuleSoft-ServiceNow connector

Cloud integration and connectivity is a strategic imperative for today’s digital enterprise. A cloud integration platform fundamentally changes the way companies drive competitive advantage.

The Mulesoft “connect your enterprise” advantage

A winning cloud solution platform should have unified connectivity; SOA, SaaS and APIs on one platform, it should be designed for ease of use and deployability, and the platform should be hybrid ready; write once-deploy anywhere. Read More

Top 10 Tips to Harness and Win In the Cloud

You have embraced the cloud- its your first baby step to enterprise digitalization. This first, baby step now creates a literal ‘domino- like’ flurry of steps and activity amongst your people and organization; there is suddenly a need for different skill sets, different relationships with vendors, different ways of deploying and provisioning services. After transitioning to the cloud, its a long journey to win it! Its a complete re-framing of the strategy and implementation roadmap. You can win in the cloud by aligning your core business with costs, people, employee productivity, control and compliance.
To win in the cloud environment, to enjoy its competitive advantage and to realize its full potential, here are Alcor’s top ten tips: Read More

API- Led Connectivity: A Competitive Advantage To Your Enterprise

There are no two ways about it- Organizations need to embrace digital transformation in today’s hyper connected environment. Guess what! By circa 2020 we will be having 50 billion connected devices.

The Holy Grail Moment: To maintain business supremacy, an organization needs to leverage newer technologies like SaaS, mobile and Internet Of Things (IoT) to enrich and re-frame their relationship with today’s customers, suppliers and employees. Also a digital footprint enables your company to be speedy, agile, bring quality and trust with your offerings to the consumer. If not digitally transformed, you simply miss the success boat! Read More

Who will join me on this journey? Finding the right ‘IT’ consultant

Key takeaways
*Find a consultant that fits YOUR needs.
*The lowest cost consultant is not necessarily the right one for you.
*Good consultants are more than technology experts, they have valuable soft skills to help you be successful.


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Manage “Hybrid IT” Like A Winner

The clouds’ have entrenched deeply across multiple environments in small, midsize and large organizations. They promise to spearhead your business, increase productivity, reduce costs, streamline processes and just make an uber-positive impact. Look at the other side of the coin! With many cloud platforms being used for different processes, utilization of outbound public cloud providers, and internal cloud kiosks been generated for every practice, CIO’s and the executive management are pained with issues around adaptation, governance and integration. Managing this hybrid IT environment starts getting difficult!

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7 Protection Tips For Your Holiday Gifts

It’s the holiday season! You love gifting tech gadgets to your loved ones that make them feel smarter, special, wonderful and happy; after all, the season is all about spreading joy and cheer! But be aware- with the cheer; are you also spreading privacy and safety problems for your loved ones?

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10 Steps To Drive Adoption For Effective ITIL Implementation

The IT service management (ITSM) best practice framework has come ahead in leaps and bounds in the recent times. ITSM/ITIL beyond doubt benefits IT infrastructure and operations organizations. ITIL beneficially improved service productivity (85%), quality (83%), business reputation (65%), and occasionally cost savings (41%).

Despite its rapid adoption in recent years, ITIL is fraught with adoption challenges that could be prevented, or at least minimized. The trick is to ensure that sufficient planning leads to optimal adoption, not just in the short term, for example, selecting and implementing a service desk tool, but also in the longer-term through an ITSM maturity vision, phased adoption, and support for continued improvement.

Here are 10 steps to ensure that you drive adoption effectively in your business: Read More

Leveraging ServiceNow For Asset Management

Tracking your IT enterprise across all your work spaces is important for your company’s success and for reduction in wastage of assets like manpower, financials, time and infrastructure. Basically all your business functions need to work in harmony ( reduced noise) and coordination to your business goals.

The ServiceNow asset management portfolio tracks the financial, contractual and inventory details of hardware, software and virtual infrastructure – as well as non-IT assets – throughout their lifecycle. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements, issue chargebacks, provision services and more. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.

ServiceNow’s Asset Management suite covers many aspects of your enterprise that in turn help in your business effectiveness and delivery. Read More

Do You Know The Secret Recipe To IT Success?

Success does not come in a day. It comes with focused, diligent hard work and a partner who understands your IT needs, your goals and your resources.

Alcor Solutions Inc. is unveiling two secret recipes aka applets at Booth 39 at #know14, Knowledge 14- the largest conference of 6000+ attendees who believe in the power of the Cloud. We will walk you through these secret recipes from April 27th to May 1st at Muscone Center, San Francisco. Read More

Performance Analytics: Empowering Enterprise IT

IT performance reporting and analytics is a strategic gap that must be filled for IT to prove its value to the enterprise.Standard IT performance reports lack a time based perspective. Manual reporting based on spread sheets is labor-intensive and legacy business intelligence tools for reporting and analytics are complex and expensive. Analytics solutions are quickly shifting from a luxury tobeing a critical component of modern enterprise operations. Many organizations rely on the insights provided by data analytics processes from womb to tomb, giving them a clearer view on everything from workload automation processes to customer management systems. Alcor Solutions deploys the best in class enterprise solutions to exploit the full measure of Performance Analytics across the business to deliver optimum benefits. Read More

Why Service Management Must Not Be Limited To IT

Service management is incorporated into supply chain management as the connection between the real sales and the customer. This means that the focus of the methodology to be adopted to provide faultless services is based on the results produced for the customers. The traditional IT system centric management revolved around the “IT department” which focused on automation of individual processes therefore creating a fragmented framework with minimal integration of processes. This led to the alienation of the services construed to be back-end thereby mitigating the application of best practices to evolve a single platform for providing end to end services. Providers of IT services can no longer afford to focus on technology and their internal organization; they now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and focus on the relationship with customers. Read More

Risks In ITSM Implementations And How To Mitigate Them

IT service management enables IT leaders to align their strategies and deliver services that support their business goals. However, the service management roadmap can be bumpy, and without proper planning to avoid risks, the improvement program can be at risk.

Here are six common service management risks with tips on how to mitigate them and implement an effective IT service delivery management model. Read More

SharePoint – truly providing process excellence for Life Sciences industry

When I heard about SharePoint for the first time, I was told that it was analogous to the document storage that you can do on L drive. However, after using SharePoint in my daily activities, I found that SharePoint platform provides much more capabilities than a drive that is just used to share files and data – it is intuitive and can really change the way a company does business by building process excellence and providing the return on investment in no time.

Being in the Life Sciences industry for last 18 years, I have always been challenged on finding solutions that can help reduce the compliance cost, accelerate the time to market, ultimately making more efficient use of R&D dollars. Read More

SharePoint –solution for regulatory/compliance challenges in Pharmaceutical organizations

SharePoint-based solutions are getting adopted widely across the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare ecosystem. This is largely due to the ease of creating compliant SharePoint solutions with the SharePoint 2010 platform.

SharePoint is highly customizable and very user friendly software that provides a strong base for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare organizations to shape functionality and enable them to meet the requirements of a wide variety of users across the ecosystem. These solutions support several functional areas including research & development, quality management, manufacturing & operations, clinical data management and customer service. Read More

How social networking and collaboration will change the way your organization works

Social networking platforms and tools are being embraced in a big way by organizations around the world. The business has become more globalized, mobilized and virtual, so collaboration has become an imperative then a requirement. Besides companies have realized that employees are no longer working as silos but are connected to their friends, relatives, colleagues, customers, employers.

There are some fundamental benefits in employing collaboration across the organizations, few of them being: Read More