AccessFlow – Providing the best of ServiceNow and IGA capabilities

27 Sep, 2022

Over the last decade, more and more companies have implemented Identity and Access Management (IAM) to achieve business security and seamless access management.  However, over the years, businesses have realized that the traditional IAM solution they have been using has been complex, expensive, and insufficient to cater to on-cloud applications and infrastructure. They are not equipped to meet today’s remote workforce and the dynamic cloud environment.

AccessFlow provides a centralized IAM solution with Access Management (AM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) features to tackle the problems of access control, including access visibility, automation, compliance, and security. We understand that the quantity of resources that your workforce may access has significantly risen in today’s cloud-first environment. Contractors and partners that engage in the modern workforce may have access and governance requirements that are just as complex as those of your full-time office-based or remote employees. This has driven us to provide our users with a converged solution that can cater to all requirements on a single platform.

ServiceNow – The Ultimate Built-In Partner for AccessFlow

To be able to delegate and process self-service tasks like access requests, password management, and governance, a product like AccessFlow must be built on a fast, agile, secure, and resilient platform that can be offered by none other than ServiceNow.  This platform is designed to manage complex, high-volume data transaction workloads without compromising business efficiency.

One of the essential benefits of ServiceNow that businesses cannot ignore is the ease of scalability to accommodate any company’s existing and future demands – assisting them in advancing in line with current and emerging trends. Leveraging these advantages, AccessFlow has streamlined access management and identity governance thus ensuring the right set of employees have the right set of access. This has further helped in boosting productivity, saving costs, and enhancing the overall user experience.

What Makes ServiceNow the Right Platform?

ServiceNow’s Software as a Service (SaaS) approach offers businesses scalable cloud alternatives and seamless cloud solutions. It assists users in identifying their company’s issues and locating self-service solutions. The model includes activities, processes, and tasks that together make up a diverse workflow. This workflow supports collaboration, resource sharing, and in-the-moment communication.

Following are the reasons why AccessFlow is natively built on the ServiceNow Now Platform:

  • Ease of Use: ServiceNow’s cloud-based solutions make it possible to automate procedures for simple modification and service delivery. ServiceNow replaces these manual chores with automated workflows that are hassle-free for everyone to use in an organization.
  • Process Optimization: ServiceNow streamlines procedures and improves operation scalability. By managing organizational tasks and activities, it is made feasible. It is a trustworthy option because you receive information that can be used.
  • Versatility: Scalability and handling a large volume of data can be a concern for rapidly growing organizations. However, ServiceNow is not bound to a certain local resource since it is cloud-based, and a system can be scaled to fit any kind of business process requirements.
  • Efficient Task Management: The multi-instance setup of ServiceNow’s architecture helps manage jobs effectively. It provides the necessary ability to make customized instances for each team member to keep a different resource stack for fulfilling requirements.
  • High ROI: Organizations can maximize their return on investments – thanks to ServiceNow’s efficient architecture. This high ROI is achieved by employing already-existing systems to obtain usable data and merging a number of technologies and tools to build new sets of processes, data pipelines, and analysis for better results.

AccessFlow Leverages the Best of ServiceNow!

  • Low Code No Code: ServiceNow’s Low code No code platform has allowed us to create workflows, functionality, and business rules with the use of a graphical interface. This has elevated the scalability, speed, and productivity of the solution while allowing rapid iteration, easy development and implementation, and reduced deployment time.
  • Agility: Developing an agile product has allowed us to stay ahead of market trends and consumer demands. This has allowed AccessFlow to accelerate time-to-value and deliver a cost-effective solution.
  • Efficient Architecture: With ServiceNow’s efficient infrastructure, AccessFlow has been able to reduce costs in overcoming service outages and downtime. This also helps in enhancing the overall quality of product development and operation.
  • Integration with Existing ServiceNow Workflows: Seamless integration with third-party platforms helps in synchronizing the access management processes under one roof. This provides better uptime, increased security, and improved reliability.
  • No Steep Learning Curve: Built on a low code no code platform enabled with an efficient architecture, AccessFlow empowers any user with minimal or no technical knowledge to use and learn about the product. This saves a lot of time, cost, and effort

Let’s AccessFlow to Skyrocket Your Identity Governance and Administration

By combining crucial access control mechanisms into a centralized experience, AccessFlow with its IGA capabilities and built-in partner ServiceNow guarantees a unified platform to tackle all your access management problems and provide you with numerous business benefits – ranging from improved productivity and reduced complexity to accelerated time-to-value and superior user experience.

If you’re using ServiceNow within your organization, it’s time for you to accelerate your journey to automated, compliant, and converged access management with AccessFlow!

To learn more about the product and see AccessFlow in action, please write to us at

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