ServiceNow Voice – Integrate 3rd party phone systems to provide a seamless voice call experience

01 Aug, 2022

Cloud Call Center has been renamed to Voice. Upgrade to the San Diego release to see the name change for all labels and components.

Integrate a third-party phone system such as Amazon Connect with your ServiceNow® instance to drive the efficiency of your call centre without having to navigate multiple systems while attending a call. Help managers analyze the calls and view call metrics in one place.

Key Features

  • Integrate a third-party phone system with Voicein, the ServiceNow instance: Provide a seamless inbound and outbound voice call experience for your callers and agents.
  • Display relevant data for an agent at the right time: Display relevant data in interaction for an agent to help a customer during a call.
  • Analyze recording and call metrics of interactions: Within your ServiceNow instance, access recordings, call metrics, and call transcripts of agents to analyze interactions.

Persona-Based Capabilities

As an admin, you can:

  • Use pre-built instructions and templates to integrate your ServiceNow instance with a third-party phone system such as Amazon Connect.
  • Use pre-built operation handlers that invoke interactions to fulfill requests between a third-party phone system and Voice.

As a manager, you can:

  • View the call transcript and recording for coaching.
  • View call metrics (for example, agent call time) for reporting.
  • Analyze agent conversations and provide feedback for quality assurance.

As an agent, you can:

  • Get calls routed to your assigned queues and accept or reject the calls via the integrated softphone from within the ServiceNow instance.
  • Get the context of caller information before accepting a call.
  • Collaborate with managers who can analyze your conversations and provide feedback for quality assurance.
  • Manage presence states within the ServiceNow instance.
  • Access and use your softphone directly from within the ServiceNow interface using the OpenFrame integration.

As a caller, you can:

  • Create a task using voice-based interactions. For example, create an incident or a case, unlock your account, or get a callback.
  • Get your requests fulfilled within the integrated ServiceNow instance through bot interactions using the voice or Dual-Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) inputs. These bot interactions are defined in contact flows in the third-party phone system.
  • Get your call transferred to an agent who can help fulfill a request.

Inbound call workflow for the integration with Amazon Connect.

  • When a caller contacts the call centre, using the voice or Dual-Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) inputs from a caller, a contact flow is invoked in the Amazon Connect instance based on the caller’s context such as language
  • The caller request can be forwarded to an operation handler in the ServiceNow instance.
  • Automated interaction with the bot can resolve the request. If an automated interaction with bot does not resolve the caller’s request, then the request is forwarded to a queue. An agent then receives the call, interacts, and resolves the request.

To explore more about what’s new in ServiceNow and how Alcor can help in implementing it, please reach out to

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