SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Alcor announces the extension of their product, AccessFlow for bringing complete visibility to all accesses on a unified platform

22 Apr, 2021

Alcor, a leading global provider of cloud solutions, security, implementation services and helping organizations with digital transformation has extended their product, AccessFlow for bringing complete visibility to all accesses on a unified platform. AccessFlow is an automated, self-service access management product built on the ServiceNow® platform that now offers seamless integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments – Oracle EBS and SAP S/4HANA.

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Built to improve visibility and simplify access management to ERP environments, AccessFlow enables businesses to:

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  • Centralize Access Management: Seamless integration with major ERP environments ensures true governance and offers a single source of information with consolidated reporting and dashboards. This enhances visibility to all ERP accesses in one single place and assists stakeholders in faster and better decision making.

  • Enhance business productivity and save cost: The secure, user-friendly, and self-service portal of AccessFlow eliminates manual intervention, significantly enhances process efficiencies, and substantially reduces cost. In addition, AccessFlow’s extensible and efficient architecture allows easy modifications and upgrades, making the process more agile and scalable.
  • Stay Compliant: Automation of the entire access management process assist in maintaining data integrity and extends audit support. In addition, the e-signature feature of AccessFlow provides an additional authentication mechanism and helps businesses comply with 21 CFR part 11 regulation.
  • Deliver Superior User Experiences: Customized and intuitive workflows that require little to no specialized skills for managing ERP access offer an always-on user experience. Seamless mobile support offered by AccessFlow enhances employee satisfaction and empowers them to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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“The new release of AccessFlow takes access provisioning to a new level by offering seamless integration with SAP and Oracle. It is better and sharper with cutting edge UI, efficient search, brand-new e-signature feature, and improved on-the-go mobile features.” says Padmapriya Ravishekhar, Senior Architect at Alcor Solutions, Inc.

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Rajashekar Rao Kambla, ERP Practice Director at Alcor Solutions, Inc. adds on the AccessFlow integrated with ERP launch: “We bring the newest AccessFlow version with a real-time plug and play interface with the top ERP providers. This unified integration with Oracle and SAP will reduce time, effort, and cost up to 90 percent.”

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Alcor is hosting a webinar “AccessFlow – Gain visibility to end-to-end ERP environment access provisioning and compliance.” on April 29 at 11 am PDT.

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To join the webinar and discover how AccessFlow can reduce cost, increase business productivity, and improve overall user experience, please register here:

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For more information on Alcor Solutions, please visit our website at, follow us on  LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Alcor Solutions, Inc. is a San Francisco, California based company that provides global cloud advisory and implementation services to clients in multiple geographies. Their clients include global Fortune 500 as well as leading organizations in multiple industry verticals. Founded in 2008, Alcor Solutions Inc.’s focus has been building strong competency on cutting edge technologies and advising clients in implementing them. They are passionate about their thought leadership and believe that successful IT implementations result equally from good strategy and technology excellence. Alcor is Elite ServiceNow® Partner, AWS Consulting Partner, Oracle® Gold Partner, and also works with several other technologies including Microsoft, Salesforce, FireEye and more. Alcor Enabling Cloud™ is a registered trademark of Alcor.

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