It’s Time to Embrace Centralized Access Management

28 Jun, 2022

While enterprises use multiple environments for fulfilling different access management requirements, the siloed approach of providing access across each application or entity results in inefficient and time-consuming processes while giving rise to security fatigue. Therefore, organizations require a solution that can provide unified identity governance and administration (IGA) across applications and allows users, to have automated, integrated access control.

Centralized Approach – Gamechanger for Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Centralized IAM empowers businesses to have a single source of truth and a hassle-free access management process. Using a centralized platform, organizations can manage access in a single place with only one sign-in required.

This not only enhances employee productivity but also offers unified visibility for audit support and proactive threat detection. With seamless support for access provisioning and de-provisioning from a single platform, it significantly reduces the cost, effort, and IT workload.

The only downside of a centralized approach is that the entire system undergoes a complete breakdown if exposed to a threat. Fortunately, a trusted partner with the capability to handle the most advanced threats is what you should look for. A solution that empowers organizations with proactive internal controls and efficient authentication mechanisms.

Centralize and Lead with AccessFlow

Alcor’s very own IGA product, AccessFlow is designed to unify the access administration approach across entities. Built on the ServiceNow® platform AccessFlow provides organizations with a single platform to request access, track and manage them. It is a completely automated Access Management solution, that comes with automated infrastructure and other outstanding features, including but not limited to privileged access management, a role-based approval system, a proactive threat detection mechanism, and detailed dashboards with audit support.

AccessFlow also comes with seamless and ready-to-use end-to-end third-party integrations with various tools used by the organizations for better functioning, which makes it easy for users to get access at any point in time from a unified Identity and Access Management solution. It can be integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Middleware platforms like Dell Boomi and MuleSoft, leading identity providers, and major ERP platforms (Oracle and SAP)

Are you ready to bring your access management to life with AccessFlow – an IGA solution that is SOC Certified, ServiceNow certified, and trusted by Gartner? To learn more or request a free demo, please contact us at

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