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09 Oct, 2020

From the Desk of CEO
In my frequent interactions with CIOs of various organizations across different industry verticals, one common issue keeps cropping up – how to aggregate and normalize data related to value and cost of IT and convert it into meaningful information for better decision making.
With Big Data Snowball Effect resulting in exponential increase in data, it can become harder to discern what is valuable to measure. I have often observed people feeling inundated with reams of measurements and data points, yet without a clear answer to how they relate to value. This of course leads to a communication disconnect with their CEOs. While information officers talk more in terms of operational metrics, CEOs are more concerned about the business goals, return on investment and growth.
The problem often does not lie with the huge volume of data that gets collected on the vast swath of applications & infrastructure that runs them, it is with building linkages from information to usable metrics for a CIO to run their organization.  If organized and made to present a business view, this availability of data truly offers a significant opportunity to accomplish business goals and be able to measure the value of investment in IT.
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Through my interactions with CIOs and other IT leaders and reflecting on the need of CIOs to discover, measure, and analyze value, I believed that a CIO dashboard with meticulously chosen key functional and transformational metrics would help bridge this gap. That is when we planned to research and introduce a new product, BizPulse.
BizPulse is real time, cloud based, CIO Dashboard for realistic, accurate and actionable Information for better decision making. It helps CIOs by consolidating information on all vital parameters that impact the value-cost parameters of an IT organization. Its capability to track and depict KPIs that monitor effective delivery of core IT services coupled with KPIs that are aligned to the IT-driven business value empowers CIOs and IT leaders with real time analytics and insights.
BizPulse focuses on the following four key metrics to provide relevant information to CIOs and IT Leaders to help achieve functional, strategic, and transformational goals of the organization.

We decided to focus on the following key parameters to help keep the simplicity of the solution:

  • Real Time Data Visualization allows CIOs to get instant business insights and make better decisions
  • Interactive Dashboards with seamless navigation and self-service reporting makes BizPulse efficient and user friendly
  • Robust Metrics enables the digital transformation process by driving business value and Innovation & Agility
  • Embedded Analytics empowers CIOs to measure and monitor performance, obtain better forecasting and evaluate reports
  • Expandable Architecture enables CIOs to leverage platform scalability and flexibility to suit business needs

Interested to learn more about BizPulse? Contact us for a free product demo at

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