Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Alcor

31 May, 2021

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! At Alcor, we are proud to uplift and celebrate the cultural diversity and valuable contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employees that have enriched the cultural fabric of Alcor and the world beyond.
Meet Ziying “Magic” Tan, Senior Principal at Alcor Solutions, Inc.
We are dedicated to building a culture of diversity and inclusion and would like to take this opportunity to recognize the contributions of our Asian-American Senior Principal Ziying “Magic” Tan who has been an integral part of the Alcor family for more than a decade now. Magic is a great leader who brings in years of business expertise and strategic and critical thinking. He is someone who sees the big picture, creates a future vision, and works towards that vision with utmost dedication. He inspires his team members to be equally passionate about achieving the final goal. His humble, positive, and never-give-up attitude makes him a true leader. We are very grateful to have him on the team!
Amit Singh, Chief Executive Officer at Alcor Solutions, Inc. says, “Magic is an excellent leader, leading with empathy and by setting an example of positivity, inclusion, and hard work. With an amazing Can Do attitude, Magic is one of the pillars of Alcor and it is indeed a joy working shoulder to shoulder with him, as we scale Alcor to greater heights.”
Here’s an insightful tete-a-tete with Magic.
1. What has been your experience at work, here at Alcor?
Alcor is like an extended family to me! It’s exciting and rewarding to work with a group of like-minded people, who share the same passion as you. Some of the great things about Alcor include:
Resilience – Just like any other organization, we have had challenging situations along Alcor’s journey to success. Alcor not only would show extreme resolution in overcoming the challenges but would always emerge stronger, transforming into a better version of itself. In a fast-changing environment today, this aspect of our organization is critical to our success.

Trust and Transparency – There is a high degree of trust and transparency across the organization. Employees at different levels are entrusted to make decisions – that are best for customers and Alcor. Everyone at the organization is welcomed to have their opinions and thoughtful disagreement is encouraged. The leaders in this company mostly serve as advisors and enablers for team members who are closest to the situation to make decisions.
Entrepreneurship and Self-Motivation – At Alcor, we have set up our organization to encourage entrepreneurship and self-driven initiatives at all levels. Business innovations are not only driven at the company and practice level but within each practice – aligning with business demands. Organizational COEs and disciplines are organically set up and driven by highly skilled individuals.
Alcor’s product development arm encourages employees to come up with ideas and makes sure to invest in outstanding ones. Following all the research and implementation stages of new product development, these ideas are transformed into the best-of-breed product offerings.
Diversity – At Alcor, we are committed to encouraging a culture of diversity and inclusion. We celebrate diverse cultural traditions within the company on a regular basis and enjoy a sense of global community. Inputs from every individual, every background are heard and respected.
2. Who is Magic? What motivates you and demotivates you?
I am extremely driven – once I am able to internalize a mission, I will go through anything to achieve it to its fullest extent. I am motivated by being surrounded with people who share my excitement and believe in achieving success together. What gives me the most joy is seeing my colleagues and customers being as passionate for a cause as I am. On the other hand, having and spreading negative sentiments when challenges arise is what demotivates me.


3. What are your hobbies?
Obviously, playing and watching a basketball match is what makes my day. I still have sleepless nights when my favorite hometown team has a bad loss😊. I am a person who likes being outdoors – I enjoy hiking, camping, and anything that brings me closer to nature. Witnessing the beauty outdoors, listening to sounds – are such exhilarating experiences!
4. How has your heritage shaped the person you are today? Why are you proud to be an Asian-American?
I grew up observing the nitty-gritties of my family business of manufacturing, back in China. That, plus the education I received in my early years taught me to be humble, have a high level of work ethics, possess the strength to overcome extreme adversity in work and life, and willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of the greater good – These values reflect who I am today. I am proud to be an Asian- American for being able to cherish the beauty of different cultural elements and able to make an impact in such a diverse country with endless possibilities.

Parents are my strength

5. What does Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month mean to you?
It means this country values and celebrates my rich heritage, cultural diversity, background, growth, and experiences. It gives me the motivation to continue to excel and contribute to the community.
Thank you for your great contributions towards Alcor’s success, Magic! Cheers to many more accolades!

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