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Is 2021 the right time for your organization to leverage Common Service Data Model (CSDM) to model and manage your services and get started on your services journey? Hear from our experts in our upcoming webinar, CSDM – 5 Whys

During the webinar, our presenters, Philip Scherry, Manager – Automation and Rajat Jain, Sr Consultant – Automation will walk you through:

  • Why is CSDM important
  • Why is CSDM relevant to me?
  • Why use the standard model vs customization?
  • Why will my CXO be interested?
  • Why start small?

Speakers Thursday, January 28, 2021
  • image
    Philip Scherry
    Manager – Automation
    Alcor Solutions inc.
  • image
    Rajat Jain
    Sr. Consultant – Automation
    Alcor Solutions inc.

Past Webinar

  • Topic: Alcor CSDM Webinar Series – Session 1, CSDM – 5 Whys
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