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AccessFlow – Gain visibility to end-to-end ERP Access Provisioning and Compliance

Internal tracking of access and permission across complex ERP environments is a major pain point for a lot of modern organizations of all sizes.

Ensuring that the right people in an enterprise have the right access to the ERP environments for the right duration of time is of utmost importance and helps in governing the digital integrity of employees, vendors, and contractors in an organization.

Introducing AccessFlow integrated with Oracle EBS and SAP S/4HANA, an all-inclusive and compliant IAM solution that offers seamless integration to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments. This integration offers:

- 360-degree view of all user access information at a unified location - Increased visibility - Optimized access management, and - Decision support for audit queries


Amit Singh, Chief Executive Officer - Alcor Solutions, Inc.

Padma Ravishekhar, Solution Architect – Alcor Solutions, Inc


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Thursday, April 29 , 2021

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