Top 10 Benefits Of Using AWS

18 Dec, 2018

As a testament to its extreme flexibility and breadth of its service offerings, AWS cloud computing from Amazon has radically changed the cloud market to the extent that, AWS was named the No. 1 vendor in the IaaS market just above Microsoft’s Azure in 2017. Through a study of it’s operational trends, researchers from Gartner institute found that AWS has the strongest track record of customer success, and the most customer-centric ecosystem for partners. But how did it get here? What makes their market offering so unique? To answer these questions, we propose to list reasons as to why it sits on top of this ranking by outlining it’s benefits and value proposition.
1. It Has A Very Rich Assortment Of Very Precise Services
AWS brings together more than 50 services in categories such as;
❏ Game development
❏ Database migration
❏ Networking and content distribution
❏ Visualization tools for developers
❏ Higher calculation instances
❏ Management tools for security and identity analysis,
❏ Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning visualization tools
❏ Mobile applications
❏ Desktop and application streaming
❏ And even Internet of Things (IoT)
2. Unlimitless Scalability
AWS cloud resources are scalable according to user needs and virtually unlimited and this is why their pricing varies according to the amount of resources used – which is a great thing if you wish to constantly track your expenditure.
3. A High Degree Of Hybridity
The flexibility of AWS is also enhanced by its hybrid nature. Users do not have to choose between their internal infrastructure and the cloud. Indeed, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) allows you to run application programs and virtual machines pool (VM) infinitely.
4. The Ability To Provide Adjustable On Demand Workloads
Consequently, this also means that Amazon offers a range of instance types with different configurations in terms of CPU, memory, storage and network resources which are available in several sizes to meet different workloads.
5. Amazon S3 Allows For Easy Downloading And Migration
At the same time, the Amazon Simple Storage Service or “Amazon S3” constitutes an associated storage service that is both a scalable service for storing, backing up and archiving data applications online. Moreover, it allows you to download in both directions and store virtually any file or object up to five gigabytes (5 GB) in size. Also, does not limit the number of items a subscriber can store.
6. You Can Run Your Applications Simultaneously Across Various Availability Zones
The data is stored in redundant servers distributed in different data centers. Indeed, AWS cloud resources are apportioned among different regions where each region brings together several smaller geographical areas called
availability zones. This is in effect done to minimize the effects of downtime while at the same time ensuring system robustness. It also implies that, should any data center encounter downtime, you can specify where you want to run server instances or even store data.
7. The Use Of Sophisticated Encryption Solutions
Subscribers can choose to keep the confidentiality of their data or make it accessible to everyone. If they wish, they can also encrypt their data before storing it – these access rights are configurable for each user. In addition when a subscriber stores data in S3, Amazon records its usage for billing purposes but does not access the data unless legally required to do so. However, at regular intervals, they do ask permission to do penetration tests on your account to locate potential vulnerability scans that might be emanating from the AWS platform.
8. It Solves Complex Queries That Might Require Cluster Scaling, Software Patching, Or Even Careful Indexing
Amazon DynamoDB for databases, is a fully managed NoSQL database service which means that, you have a broad access to a wide range of technologies and architectures to address scalability and big data performance issues that relational databases are not designed to deal with. Indeed, with a NoSQL database, a company can access large amounts of unstructured data on multiple virtual servers without resorting to SQL structured query language.
9. You Can Achieve More Results Per Second In Spite Of Unstructured Data
Through Amazon Redshift, users can run complex analytic queries over several petabytes of structured data, store data in columns on high-performance local disks, and execute massively parallel queries which as a result means that the user can receive more results per second. As a matter of fact, this service is also fully scalable, meaning that you can execute SQL queries on several exabytes of unstructured data in Amazon S3.
10.Has Created New Opportunities To Discover Previously Buried Information Resources Through Intelligent Search Options
Amazon CloudSearch which is available in 34 different languages, makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for a website or application by; highlighting, automatic population of default data or making location-based searches.
With such precise and tailor-made services, it is easy to understand why Amazon’s came first in the Gartner Institute quadrant. But is it an assured position? Can AWS continue To Be An IaaS Market Leader? Based on numerous industry case studies, we estimate that, in spite of this rich service offering and the obvious benefits, AWS like other IaaS companies of this size can also stifle innovation since they have more to lose when they attempt to disrupt the industry. Indeed, it is smaller startups that are forced to be more generous with disruptive service offerings since, spurring innovation is their only key to enter the market.
At the same, while evaluating the benefits that underpin the success of AWS, it is important to remember that for giants like Amazon, the possibility to create new value scenarios to the market is so immense that you cannot afford to ignore them. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a situation where a developer worth his/her salt would ignore AWS Machine Learning visualization tools, as well as all the wizards that make it possible to create machine learning models without the need to master complex algorithms and technologies.

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