Sushma Features in Alcor’s Employee Success Story | Congratulations

12 Dec, 2018

Sushma Aithal is Alcor’s Featured Employee of the Month for December! Sushma, Engagement Manager at Alcor Solutions, Inc., is a people’s person. Her adage at work is to learn from one another, grow together as a team; in effect, get empowered and be a pathfinder! A daughter of an Army Officer, Sushma believes that honesty, loyalty and integrity towards one’s work and work place are values ingrained in her from childhood.
Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Sushma:
1. What has been your experience working here at Alcor.
It’s just been an amazing journey! Each day has added something new in my development. The flexibility, training, accountability and empowerment I am exposed to, in my role, motivates me, while the approachability to the senior management, the continuous learning from team members, growing together as a team just makes each work day exciting and invigorating. This sense of continuous learning across hierarchies and verticals gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction.
2. Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian?
We have accomplished a lot in a short span of time! That’s a proud feeling for me. I joined 2.5 years back and the growth of this company, the potential for personal growth and the sense of ‘one-ness’ I get here, makes me proud and happy.
3. Tell us about a few defining moments of yours at Alcor.
The motivation to work here is every day- Speaks a lot about this company! In my consulting, customer facing role- a successful launch, kudos from a customer- all are defining moments. Early this year, at one of the Go-Lives, the customer talked about our work done for them adding value to their day to day operations- defining moment again! Middle of this year, I took ownership of HR service delivery at Alcor. With me getting trained, I trained a team, we as a team completed our certifications, we had to do a lot of self training and learning, had to do work shops with requirements and show excellence in my consulting role. The Management recognized my efforts. These instances motivate me to do more!
4. Tell us more about yourself- Who is Sushma?
I am an open minded professional. As a daughter of an Army Officer, honesty, loyalty and integrity towards work and one’s work place are values ingrained in me from childhood. I base my relationships on trust with customers and people at Alcor alike. Trust motivates me!
I am a neutral person when it comes to demotivating factors. In my community, I am an active participant in fund raising activities and am part of a few NGOs. In my free time, I spend time with family and friends.
5. When you hear the word, Alcor – which 3 words/ phrases strike you
• Family like work environment
• Challenges ( in a good way ) and Opportunities
• The impact that Alcor is creating
Thank you for talking to us, Sushma! Cheers and many more accolades!

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