Risks In ITSM Implementations And How To Mitigate Them

19 Jan, 2014

IT service management enables IT leaders to align their strategies and deliver services that support their business goals. However, the service management roadmap can be bumpy, and without proper planning to avoid risks, the improvement program can be at risk.
Here are six common service management risks with tips on how to mitigate them and implement an effective IT service delivery management model.
Inertia to Change: ITSM often brings about a change in the way many IT organizations work and how the IT organization is structured. People resist change-period! There are people who wouldn’t like to change the current practices in an organization and believe that status quo is good. Such inertia can create a chaotic environment and impede effective implementation as well as adoption in the organization.
To win over the naysayers, engage the leaders of the organization to lead, steer and communicate. Your communication strategies should focus on each group, explaining to them the benefits of the new processes and getting them involved in developing and implementing the new processes. They should not see the processes as being imposed but as those that they co-developed and owned.
No Executive Support:  ITSM implementation needs commitment and prioritization from the organization’s executives. For the implementation to reach its potential, you require full support from the executive team. Often  this doesn’t happen due to disinterest or differing priorities. It is critical to involve the senior leadership and ensure that their vision and strategy is guiding the ITSM implementation.
The Big Bang Theory doesn’t work: Planning to implement and integrate service management practices in one shot, with a big bang is often risky. As the implementation cycle can be complex, doing everything at one time without showing any benefits may lead to a complete lack of organizational support.
Plan your  implementation in a way that is based on your organizational culture, risk tolerance and resource availability. Focus on low hanging fruits that will help drive adoption. Show the organization the benefits of each step taken.
Is there a weak business case? You need a concrete and stable business case to run your service management program. Also share your program’s tangible and intangible benefits in measurable value to win support from the organization .
Are all your service management tools in place? Organizations often select a platform or tool-suite before identifying their requirements and processes. When you lock in on a tool before ensuring there is clear understanding of requirements and IT imperatives,  there is inflexibility, limitation of processes and often a mismatch with desired benefits.
Ensure that process design is done before the tools for service management are selected. Use tools that bring greater efficiency, are fast to work with, user friendly, and scalable.
Are your Strategies Aligned? Often IT departments and their software partners start implementing technology without mapping out what business problems are being solved and how should they be solved. This leads to sub-optimal and downright bad implementations that fail to delivery value to clients. It is critical that IT organizations select a partner that not only understand technology but also unique IT strategies adopted by an organization. The conversation of ITSM implementation should never start with “which software will we implement” but with “what problems are we looking to solve and what do we want to get better in?”.
This approach requires not only technical depth  but consultative acumen and deep understanding of the Business of IT, which Alcor specializes in.
Alcor is a technology implementation company focusing on Enterprise and Government technology needs in ITSM, systems integration, web development and mobility space. We provide a strategic ITSM implementation approach  to our clients and focus on solving business problems by leveraging an integrated business process design and technology implementation capability.

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