Lisa Features In Alcor’s Employee Success Feature | Congratulations

25 Feb, 2020

Lisa Clinton is Alcor’s Featured Employee for February 2020! Lisa, Senior Operations/HR Manager at Alcor Solutions, Inc. appreciates diversity at the workplace, as this gives her a chance to engage with employees from many different cultures and backgrounds. This helps her to have a truly global perspective and motivates her when working with the various teams within Alcor.
Monisha Singh, Principal – Alcor Solutions, Inc says, “Lisa has been with Alcor for more than five years and she has been an outstanding contributor. She has worn multiple hats at work and has accepted every new assignment as a challenge and accomplished it successfully. Lisa has the ideal combination of work ethics and modern thinking workplace which is perfect for the role she is in”.
Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Lisa:

  1. What has been your work experience here at Alcor? 

Having completed five years at Alcor, I’ve been a part of the organization’s incredible growth! It is very rewarding watching this vision fold by fold, I really appreciate my time spent with my colleagues and leadership. In quest of making Alcor, the Best Place to Work, I strongly believe in putting in my full efforts in every task – learning and growing at the same time. Being a part of and working in such a diverse workplace provides me with a very rich experience I would not trade. I appreciate the culture of opportunity as well – Alcor allows its employees to show their willingness for an assignment, learn about the nitty-gritties, and set the ball rolling. This philosophy is one I can truly embrace.

  1. Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian?

I feel proud to be a part of a highly skilled team, consisting of the best of talent from across the world. The work culture here is dynamic and abides by the Alcor’s vision of growth and excellence.

  1. What’s been that one defining moment for you at Alcor where you felt happy, successful and motivated?

My everyday experiences at Alcor puts a smile on my face and motivates me to be a better version of myself! It’s a very positive feeling when I hear people talking, help them onboard, and check back with them – Wow! I just love the work environment and culture here.
Other than that, every opportunity I get at Alcor, boosts my motivation and makes me feel successful. Be it going to the Knowledge conferences or presenting positive things that clients had to say about Alcor.

  1. Who is Lisa? How can you best describe yourself?

An enthusiastic and positive personality who believes that loving your work is the key to success. A mom of three children, I love spending time with my family and tickling their taste buds by cooking delicious meals. In my free time, I can be found watching a movie, reading a good book, hiking to Mini Wine Country or exploring local places. Following the practice of giving back to the society, I enjoy volunteering for the community sports at Youth Football League, supporting the Autistic community, and promoting art and theatre.

  1. When you hear the word, Alcor- which 3 words strike you?

Diversity, Innovative, and Opportunities
Thank you for talking to us, Lisa! We wish you the very best in all you do!

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