Kshipra Features in Alcor’s Employee Success Feature | Congratulations

28 Jan, 2019

shipra, a Team Lead at Alcor Solutions, is on a quest of constant learning. In an innovative and supportive style, she guides her team to grow & excel in newer technologies & gain hands-on experiences. Her smile defines her cheerful yet patient attitude.
Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Kshipra:
1. What has been your experience working here at Alcor.
It’s been an exciting, exhilarating roller coaster ride for me here at Alcor. In a short span of just over a year, I grew professionally from a Sr. Developer to a Team Lead. As a team lead my work is joyful and kudos to my team to pace and align with our work goals in a synchronized style! It’s nice to know that the senior executive team recognizes you and the best feedback that I ever got at Alcor was, “Alcor must have many more like Kshipra. We need Kshipra clones!” At Alcor, as a young leader, my approach with my team is caring but strict, mellow but stern with trust and belief in them
2. Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian?
There are opportunities galore to grow professionally at Alcor. After a day at work here, you are left feeling happy, motivated and content. One looks forward to the next work day!  As a Team Lead it’s a proud moment for me to suggest, ideate and work with the team. We had a client engagement where in the early days; I was not given a second eye. But after four or five months into the engagement the same client really appreciated my ServiceNow knowledge and implementation expertise. A proud moment for me!
3. Tell us about a few defining moments of yours at Alcor.
To become a Team Lead at Alcor has been one defining moment! Also, achieving a great level of work synchrony and alignment with my team within a short period of time has been another.
4. Tell us more about yourself- Who is Kshipra?
I am chirpy and cheerful, yet a patient and grounded person. Call me a Happy-go-lucky person!
A traveler at heart, I am curious to travel far and wide! The traveler spirit takes me to newer hobbies- from learning to play the guitar to swimming to storytelling. I love cooking and pursuing the culinary arts!
5. When you hear the word, Alcor – which 3 words/ phrases strike you

  1. Camaraderie
  2. Synergy
  3. Happy Family

Thank you for talking to us, Kshipra! Cheers and many more accolades!

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