Imran is Alcor’s Employee of The Month | Congratulations!

13 Aug, 2020

Imran is Alcor’s Featured Employee for July 2020! Imran Kazi, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Alcor Solutions, Inc. is highly ambitious and believes in working with a purpose to stay motivated even in difficult times. He appreciates incredible workplace culture, positive mindset, and excellent work-life balance at Alcor which inspires employees to learn, grow, and thrive. When not working, Imran loves traveling, watching movies, and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Monisha Singh, Principal at Alcor Solutions, Inc. and Imran’s manager says, “Many times in a week, I hear from our internal team members and externally from our clients about Alcor’s top-performing recruiting team and much of that is driven today by Imran. From my very first interaction with Imran (during his hiring process), I felt that he had the drive to be a leader and courage to accept new challenges that came his way. He has proven to be a pillar within Alcor. I am proud of Imran’s contribution to Alcor and very happy to see the transition each day that is unfolding into newer avenues for him. Always a pleasure to work with him!”

 Deepti Negi, Manager – HR & Operations at Alcor Solutions, Inc. adds “It is amazing working with Imran! He is a wonderful mentor and a team player who always supports his colleague whenever needed. He brings a lot of positivity in the team and lightens up the stressful moments with his sense of humour. His efforts in strengthening our culture do not go unnoticed. I would say he is a well-deserving employee of the month.”

 Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Imran:

 What has been your experience at work here at Alcor – please elaborate on self-motivation, team dynamics, people strengths etc.

Alcor offers everything that an employee would expect from an ideal workplace.

As a part of my job, I consistently collaborate with diverse teams across various functions & geographies. The Incredible work culture, positive mindset, and excellent work-life balance at Alcor has always motivated me to stay focused and give my best.

Leadership at Alcor spearheads the organization with a result-oriented approach and remains personable and employee-friendly, which boosts employee engagement. They nurture the strengths & talents of employees and emphasize continuous learning & employee self-development.

Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian? Please elaborate in a couple of lines. 

It’s Alcor’s upbeat workplace culture that makes me proud. Each Alcorian is treated equally and given plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and be successful in one’s career. There is a persistent focus on upskilling the employees through learning and development. Work is fun when your stakeholders work closely with you and believe in your ability to deliver!

What’s been that one defining moment for you at Alcor where you felt happy, successful and motivated? Please elaborate in a few lines.

There have been few such moments for me at Alcor, however, the one instance which makes me feel the happiest and successful was when our sales team secured an exciting project in UK. It was a wonderful experience as we loved recruiting folks for delivering the project in UK and saw our team expanding to new topographies.

The challenging part – that was the first time Alcor was hiring in the UK. Eventually, we successfully recruited and delivered a quality team, and today that client is one of our most prestigious clients.

Who is Imran? How can you best describe yourself? What motivates you- demotivates you? What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?

Fun-loving, adventurous, confident, and highly ambitious. I love spending time with my family and friends.

My family has always been my strength, and I look upon my Father, who is my source of inspiration. His dedication and hard work have always motivated me. Working without a purpose is something that demotivates me.

Traveling or spending time with family & friends, watching movies, and playing cricket are my hobbies.

When you hear the word, Alcor- which 3 words strike you?




Thanks for talking to us, Imran! You are truly an Alcor star! We are wishing you many more accolades ahead!

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