Hartaj Features In Alcor’s Employee Success Story | Congratulations!

31 Oct, 2018

Hartaj Kandola is Alcor’s Featured Employee of the month for October! Hartaj, Alcor Solutions’ ITSM Practice Manager believes that mentoring, training and helping people in all aspects of his life invigorate him to the core! His motivation at work stems from his training classes which he finds to be a creative process of empowering clients and people. A Martial Arts expert, a body boarding enthusiast and hiker, Hartaj leads a vegan fest initiative that’s attended by over 25,000 people in his community.
Here is an insightful tete-a-tete with Hartaj:
1. What has been your experience at work, here at Alcor.
I don’t differentiate between Alcor and me- my work life is like an extension of me! Of course, working here is exciting and challenging at times, but that’s the very richness of it all. The team atmosphere is, “Everybody helps everybody”! This is quite different from the earlier companies I’ve worked for. The leadership team is very easy to talk to and I can call someone up, vent out, discuss, without any fear or pressure. This company follows the ‘Open door policy’ on ground!
2. Why do you feel proud to be an Alcorian?
I feel a sense of belonging here- a sense of family here. It’s interesting, even if we are virtual, globally placed- it’s exciting to go to work! I am proud of and enjoy this sense of community we have built across our people in US, India and Canada.
3. What’s been that one defining moment for you at Alcor where you felt happy, successful and motivated?
There are a couple of defining moments 🙂
One was when a customer said – can you do this? Here, it was a creative process when, we as a team went around the task together and as one!
Another defining moment for me is when I do training classes with people at Alcor and clients. It’s an incredible feeling when you talk and empower customers, enable them to adopt technological innovations, mentor and get mentored! This give and take of knowledge reflects on the maturity and depth of thinking of the people at Alcor.
Here is one more! Alcor’s off shore team is hungry! Give them an idea and they are driven to do things.
4. Who is Hartaj?
The mountains and beaches- both excite me. I am an avid hiker and a body boarder. I have been training in the Sparing form of Taekwondo (a martial art) for many years now. I also lead a vegan fest initiative, which is attended by over 25,000 people in my community. Helping people motivates me hands down!
5. When you hear the word, Alcor- which 3 words strike you?
Team work
Change- Two days are never the same- that’s the excitement quotient here!
Thank you for talking to us, Hartaj! Cheers to many more accolades!

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