FAQs: How to Leverage Emergency Response Management Apps?

27 Mar, 2020

In partnership with Washington State Department of Health, ServiceNow released a no-charge community app, Emergency Response Operations, to help companies and governments implement critical workflows for emergency response and crisis management as they manage through COVID-19.
In addition, ServiceNow developed three no-cost community apps to benefit other organizations and governments fighting the pandemic. These apps are available now and will remain free of charge through September 30, 2020.

  • Emergency Outreach: During a crisis, this workflow leverages the Now Platform® to help companies connect with employees to assess the impact. Employers can reach out by email to provide information and safety measures and request a response to confirm if employees are safe, and where they are located. Employers can also leverage the ServiceNow Now Mobile App to send push notifications to employees via mobile to get response.
  • Emergency Self Report: This workflow helps an employee notify his/her employer that he/she is going into quarantine and when he/she can safely return to work. It provides workflow support for both the employer and employee and enables response teams to track employee reporting.
  • Emergency Exposure Management: When a company becomes aware that an employee has been diagnosed with an illness, this workflow helps the employer identify other employees who might have been exposed based on the employee’s meeting history and location.

Q: Are the apps really free?
A: The applications are free, and hosting is free until Sept 30, 2020.
Q: What happens on Sept 30?
A: ServiceNow will do separate enablement about converting/capturing a $500 hosting fee.
Q: Do any of these apps have pre-reqs for the customer to own any specific module(s)?
A: If you are an existing ServiceNow customer, you do not need a specific license or to use a specific application. All customers can use these apps regardless of their current contracts or entitlements from ServiceNow.
Q: How do I install the apps?
A: The apps are available on the ServiceNow Store and should already be available to install on one of your instances by having your ServiceNow Admin go to System Definition/Plugins.
Q: How do I give people the appropriate roles?
A: Ideally you will add the roles to specific groups. This will give each user the right level of access.
Q: If I need help who do I contact?
Someone from Alcor will be happy to get on a one-hour call and walk you through some of the key steps to get you up and running. This is a free service we are providing to any ServiceNow customers.
Alcor has also built several digital workflow driven solutions on leading platforms such as ServiceNow, AWS and Azure platforms, including HR solutions for end-to-end candidate tracking, on-boarding, off-boarding, digital employee orientation, employee appreciation, automated access management and more. In the light of the recent events these products can kick-start an organizations ability to conduct business remotely.
Read more : Alcor products here 
In order to cover the most impacted by COVID-19 and help organizations streamline their operations in this moment of crisis, Alcor is extending all our products free of cost for next two months. Please reach out to us at information@alcortech.com , if your community or your organization can benefit from this  solutions.

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