Service mapping with ServiceWatch

An organization today needs a clear understanding of how services are affected by infrastructure issues. One needs to know and keep track of each and every infrastructure component that makes up a service. One needs to diagnose and resolve service impairments and outages quickly, flawlessly and on priority such that the business delivery is not affected. Today’s enterprise needs a service mapping tool that’s accurate, proactive, flexible, automated and simple – appropriately provided by ServiceNowServiceWatch.


Benefits to Enterprise IT

  • Become service aware: Extend the ServiceNow CMDB by automating the creation and maintenance of accurate end-to-end service maps using a unique, agentless, “top-down” approach.
  • Gain instant service visibility: Equip IT staff to respond quickly and efficiently to critical business issues.
  • Determine the business impact of change: Know how change management processes impact the availability of critical business services by correlating problems with recent change activities.
  • Simplify service continuity: Automate the creation and maintenance of accurate business service topology maps to ensure that there are no omissions that could compromise continued service operation.

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