Service Integrations

We firmly believe that any ITSM integration has to fit with Customer’s IT goals and current maturity. Alcor supports Customer’s integration initiative not only from a pure technical angle but also from a business process integration perspective leverage our team’s vast experience as advisor to the businesses.

Alcor has supported some of its most extensive integrations with other Enterprise Applications (e.g. SN – HPSM, SN – CA (e.g. Spectrum), SN – Solar Winds, SN – Oracle SSI, SN – Innotas, SN – PeopleSoft, SN –SCCM etc..)

Key business benefits for our Service Integrations include:

Accelerate Speed to Market

Bringing a vast experience in integration of different technology platforms gained through numerous ITSM platform integrations, Alcor is able to help Customer accelerate the spend to market of the integration using our own methodology and pre-built integration engines.

Business Alignment

Not only does Alcor helps our Customer with technical issues but we also treat ourselves as trusted advisor to customer when it comes to business alignment. We customize our integration approach according to Customer’s current technology and process maturity and provide our advise to Customer along the way to prevent any future integration pitfalls down the road after the implementation is over.

Improved Service Delivery

Based on our experience, in order to truly provide value to Service Delivery, any integration requires ongoing tuning and enhancement after the initial setup. Alcor’s methodology takes this into consideration and provides ongoing support to our customer to ensure the integration achieves the targeted goals.