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The rise in cyber-attacks worldwide has caused a severe cause of concern for private organizations as well as the government. The cyber security landscape is changing very rapidly, and companies worldwide need to cope up with these changing dynamics if they want to protect their data and systems from such security threats. IT teams are under tremendous pressure to ensure that the user data and the IT infrastructure is protected and any security threat does not hamper the continuity of the business.

While many organizations worldwide have started investing in security to ensure early detection of cyber threats and quick resolution, the key questions such as “Is the security getting better or worse?”, “Is there any improvement in overall security?”, “What are the benchmarks to compare against?” are still not answered satisfactorily.

ServiceNow® Security Operations

ServiceNow® Security Operations helps organizations connect security and IT teams, respond faster and more efficiently to threats, and get a definitive view of their security posture. It connects the workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors to give your teams a single platform for response that can be shared between security and IT. With better visibility, pre-defined workflows, and automated threat intelligence enrichment, teams can respond more efficiently, reducing business risk.   Security Servicenow benefits

Alcor’s expertise with the ServiceNow®  Security Suite

The key concern every CISO or other security professionals asks themselves is “Are we secure and are things getting better or worse?” Events and alerts are being generated from dozens of security products and creating work for the security and IT teams.  In many cases, organizations are getting thousands of alerts per day and people can’t scale to meet the volume. There is a clear need for something beyond enforcement, detection and visibility.

With ServiceNow® Security Operations, security professionals bring incident data from their security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to your organization.

Alcor has a structured approach to help your organization leverage the ServiceNow® Security Operations suite. We integrate your security products to bring security incidents from your existing security tools so that you can automatically prioritize security incidents based on business impact. Automated response workflows and threat analysis drive comprehensive response actions based on industry data and business priority. Remediation tasks are assigned to the appropriate teams and post incident reports are dynamically built for audit purposes to close out the security incidents. All information can be tracked in executive and operational dashboards to ensure the right information goes to the right teams.

Alcor takes a strategic service management implementation approach and focuses on solving the business problems of their clients by leveraging an integrated business process design and technology implementation capability. Alcor offers strategic security consulting, security response design and implementation, and security incident analysis managed services.

Balance Prevention |Detection |Response

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